Saint Valentine Dinner – Celebrate Love For A Good Cause

Second Year Students of BSc (Hons) Tourism & Hospitality Management  from the University of Technology, Mauritius, invite you all to a Fund Raising  Saint Valentine Dinner.

We managed to struck a deal with “Varague Sur Morne” Restaurant.   You’ll be able to celebrate St Valentine there for a discounted price.

The Fund collected will go to “Terre De Paix“.

Location: Varangue Sur Morne.

Address: 110, Route Plaine Champagne, Chamarel. (Location Map)

Date: 14 February 2009

Start Time: 19:00

End Time: 20:30

Dance Floor & Bar Will Remain Open Till Midnight.

Ticket Price: Rs.1600 Per Couple.

For Reservation & More Information Please Leave A Message On The Blog.  Don’t Forget To Insert Your Email Address.  I’ll Contact You ASAP.


BACKYARD3 – The Greatest International Live Rock & Metal Concert In MAURITIUS


All Rock & Metal Fans in Mauritius dream of attending an International Rock/Metal Show in Mauritius.   Well BACKYARD3 will fullfill your dreams.

In this Edition of BACKYARD, Irish Punk/Metal LEGENDS, Therapy?, will come to Mauritius as guests.

According to the Organisers, if we’re able to show that there’s a Rock & Metal audience here in Mauritius.  It wouldn’t  be a surprise to see IRON MAIDEN performing Live in Mauritius.  Yeah that’s right, the METAL LEGENDS “IRON MAIDEN”.   We just need them to hear our voices.

So guys & gals, get ready to ROCK for BACKYARD3.


Featuring: Therapy?, From U.K
With: Crossbreed Supersoul, Feedback, Deepsix, Reborn Orleans, Skeptical, Humanoid, Paranoid, Unmind & The Scarecrows .

Saturday 28 February 2009 @ Bambous Stadium, From Noon To Midnight.

Tickets: Rs.500 (Reservation)
Rs.750 (at the Gate)


For More Info:




Party For A Cause



There will be a lucky draw each 15 mins during this event on the 20th dec @ Gungrooz…(exactly 20 lucky draws)

*Dancefloor competition*
*Best couple will be awarded*
*And a mega lucky draw to end this wonderful event*

RSVP Here:

Contact Me On The Blog/Mobile For More Info 😉

Student Union Keeping Pace With Technology

The “United Students” is the only Student Union Party at the University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) that has a blog.  The blog has been unveiled yesterday, but its not 100% complete.  If I’m not mistaken its the only Student Union Party in both Universities in Mauritius that has a blog, because I didn’t see any blogs from the University of Mauritius Student Union Parties.

The blog is a platform between the party and the students of UTM.  It allows student to share their views and opinions, make suggestions to move towards a better campus.

The blog also has a section where it presents the candidates’ profiles and a small interview of them.  However, there’re only two candidates’ profiles and interviews for the moment, according to them more is to come real soon.

So as we can see, there’s atleast one Sudent Union party in the whole island of Mauritius that came up with the initiative of creating a blog.  I bet that there are many other guys who are not even aware of what is a blog LOL.

Terre De Paix – Mauritius

Terre de Paix is among one of the charitable organisations in Mauritius which is really in need of support.  Unlike some like “S.O.S Village” which does have all facilities they need or should i say above what they need LOL.

Terre de paix is located in Camp Créole, Albion.  They does get some kind of finance from the Government, but its only 30% of their yearly budget.  So they have to rely on sponsors and find out other ways to meet their budgetary needs.

Objectives of Fondation pour L’Enfance Terre de Paix as per Article 3 of its constitution

The objects of the Association shall be to:

1. Carry out child care activities in a secular and non-discriminatory way and in line with existing laws and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child;

2. Provide alternative care services, in the best interest of the child and in collaboration with biological parents and relatives whenever possible

(a) of a residential nature in ways conducive to the overall development of children, especially through the setting-up of
i. family-type structures for young children and
ii. youth homes.
iii. exit home

(b) of a non-residential nature through the setting-up of appropriate creative and cultural educational pre-school structures and appropriate creative and cultural educational, pre-vocational and vocational structures for children who are out of the mainstream system of education and training.

3. Engage in networking activities with other Non Governmental Organisations, the government and other stakeholders in the furtherance of the objects of the Association.

4. Raise and apply funds to meet the objects of the association; and

5. Provide training in child care through the development and implementation of appropriate programmes.

How can you support Terre de Paix?

Check out their Store!

An article which appeared in L’Express newspaper recently.

The Bsc Tourism & Hospitality  Batch of UTM (University of Technology, Mauritius) will be organising a “Gala Dinner” or should i say “Charity Dinner” to raise funds to finance certain specific projects for Terre de Paix.  The dinner will be held in the first week of November 2008.

I’ll be giving a full update about the dinner once everything is finalised.