Yeah, I finally found my way back to the blog 😛  I even forgot the password, had to go through a little trial & error before the blog recognize me.

I just woke up right now, feeling really weird to post something here.  Sorry for not being able to approve your comments & reply them due to laziness.  And by the way I’m supposed to be revising right now, exams just started.

I managed to read some blogs, but I’m still too lazy to comment on them.

And yeah, I am officially an AIESECer for around 6 month.  I’m actually the Vice President for Outgoing Exchange.  I’m supposed to send students on exchange to foreign countries.  Till now I got 5.

I don’t think I’ll remain a the Vice President position for the next academic year as I have another Devilish plan in mind…I’ll let you know hen the time comes…

…By the way I’m on a diet, lose 20 kg already, I have like 4 competitions waiting for me in August…

…See ya in another post!!


Checking In – Happy New Year N’ Merry Xmas

checking in

I know its been really long since I last blogged, and with the constant harassment from Tushal “To Blog P Mort” 😛 Actually I had better things to do other than blogging.

I’ve been busy with Student Union election at UTM, studies, blablabla….Anyway exams are over and I’m in holidays.

I just attended two end of year parties, and I didn’t drink even one drop of alcohol for 3 months…I’m clean for the time being LOL.  I’ll just be having a little drink with friends and relative during the New Year festivities.

By the way, I won my first bodybuilding competition…Next Year I hope that I’ll be good enough to compete at National Level for Mr. Mauritius Junior or even Mr. Indian Ocean Junior….Who knows?? 😛

I’ll be going out camping with friends at Blue Bay this Saturday. Organised by Mr. Nitish Peechen, who will be celebrating his birthday…Happy Fucking Birthday Bro 😉
It’ll be a great occasion to meet all my friends from Emmanuel Anquetil SSS.  Its been 3 years since I last went to Mahebourg & meet those guys.

Else nothing special is being planned for the end of year…except for the traditional relatives visiting.  And I’ll be participating to the 5th International Sustainability Conference to be held at UTM in January.

And before my second semester starts I’ll be organising a team building session with my class, which is falling apart…ah that’s another story.

I wish to thank the following people who supported me in one way or another in 2008:

Tushuxxx Jackson – Thanks for entertaining me…LOL

Anooj Huddson – FBT!!

Vimal Booluck –  In reussi fer toi vine Leader Opposition XD

Nitish Peechen – Ma pute favorie

Joy Gopee – Looking forward to work with you…

Kunaal Long – Hope that we’ll survive the 1.5 years ahead. 😉

Poojita Scooby – Ma grosse conne de maman.  Merci pour m’avoir aider en stats.

Chef Laval – Mone bien batte ou bis…LOL

Shakeel – Thanks for coordinating our event…well more coordination is needed 😛

Al – My great friend from Costa Rica…I Fucking love you dude…XD

Pamela – Merci pou to banne cado maman noel. 😛

Vinshi –  FBT, FVT, FDT!!!

Visham & Hansen – Nou in bien boire & prend nisa pendant 3 mois, mo pas pou blier sa.

Chacha Ramphul – Thanks for kicking my ass out of 21/22 pub and turning me into a bodybuilder LOL

Avinash Ramooah, Sanju & Bhavlesh – Mo pas pou blier banne nisa defoncer ki nou in metter la…

All Friends from UNITED STUDENTS.

My Family, and all other people that I forgot to put on that list…THANK YOU!!

>>>>Well the next post is for next year…<<<<

Happy Christmas & Merry End/New of Year to you all Bloggers, lurkers, and all virtual species that exist out there.

Rocking Christmas

Terre De Paix – Mauritius

Terre de Paix is among one of the charitable organisations in Mauritius which is really in need of support.  Unlike some like “S.O.S Village” which does have all facilities they need or should i say above what they need LOL.

Terre de paix is located in Camp Créole, Albion.  They does get some kind of finance from the Government, but its only 30% of their yearly budget.  So they have to rely on sponsors and find out other ways to meet their budgetary needs.

Objectives of Fondation pour L’Enfance Terre de Paix as per Article 3 of its constitution

The objects of the Association shall be to:

1. Carry out child care activities in a secular and non-discriminatory way and in line with existing laws and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child;

2. Provide alternative care services, in the best interest of the child and in collaboration with biological parents and relatives whenever possible

(a) of a residential nature in ways conducive to the overall development of children, especially through the setting-up of
i. family-type structures for young children and
ii. youth homes.
iii. exit home

(b) of a non-residential nature through the setting-up of appropriate creative and cultural educational pre-school structures and appropriate creative and cultural educational, pre-vocational and vocational structures for children who are out of the mainstream system of education and training.

3. Engage in networking activities with other Non Governmental Organisations, the government and other stakeholders in the furtherance of the objects of the Association.

4. Raise and apply funds to meet the objects of the association; and

5. Provide training in child care through the development and implementation of appropriate programmes.

How can you support Terre de Paix?

Check out their Store!

An article which appeared in L’Express newspaper recently.

The Bsc Tourism & Hospitality  Batch of UTM (University of Technology, Mauritius) will be organising a “Gala Dinner” or should i say “Charity Dinner” to raise funds to finance certain specific projects for Terre de Paix.  The dinner will be held in the first week of November 2008.

I’ll be giving a full update about the dinner once everything is finalised.

People Pissing Me Off – To Whom It May Concern

Recently there have been loads of people pissing me off.  You know those kind of people you wanna give them a fucking punch in the face (kicks too), but just for the sake of not blowing shit up you just have to restrain yourself.  So here’s a list of those people who piss me off…If you feel offended by this post just FUCK OFF please.

1. There are some people who accomplish something and they just blow shit up purposely.  What pisses me off with those kind of people is that they give up quickly without considering the people they got involved.

2. “Yes sir” people really pisses me off.  They just say yes (Wawawa), remain silent or simply ignore matters and when things go wrong they are the first to blame you for it or tell you we should have done this and that.  As if there was a fucking c*** in their mouths when we asked for their opinions.

3. Some people just fucking hate you, but they still work in collaboration with you just because they need you.  And when you’re nearly over with your work, they just take over everything.

4. With the coming Student Union election there has been lots of guys coming to you, shaking hands and stuff…They are the very same guys who were ignoring you (Guette dan zar).  They really piss me off…

5. God too is pissing me off.  Why the hell is it raining heavily?? 😛

The Flood of Irresponsibility

(Thanks to Avinash for this photo) 

14:30 26 March 2008, I was in the computer lab of UTM doing my assignment with some friends, the guy responsible just come in and tell us, they need to close. Puzzled I asked him for the reason, and he replied “Pluies Torrentielles”. Still confused we packed up quickly and went to the bus stop to make our way home. The bus stop was packed with UTM’s students. We waited like 30 minutes and still no bus in view. Some friends and I decided to walk from La Tour Koenig up to Grande Rivière. Once at Grande Rivière we were like “SHIT, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING”, the Grande Rivière North West was out of its bank and the whole landscaping was like hell. There were people everywhere trying to get on buses. We stood above the Grande Rivière bridge looking at the roaring river carrying trees and tons of stuff into the muddy sea. While looking at the bridge from the bottom view, it was like the bridge was going to break with the pressure of the water.

On my way back home, some kilometres away from Port- Louis, the Pont Colville Deverell waterfall was just astonishing. It took the width of the whole valley and the gushing water was such that everyone in the bus reactions literally was “aaw”. This was the most frightening waterfall I’ve ever seen in front of me.

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The other day I was surfing through the Job Offers Ads of Servihoo in search of a part-time job and I found an advert corresponding to my profile. It was that of “Chat Animator”. So I emailed them my CV, then I got a call from them to attend an interview. Actually its not a formal interview but just a briefing session and you must do a small test.

During the briefing we came to know about the real nature of the job and its reason. The company’s aim is to regulate the number of girls and boys (Homo, Bi… sexual included), in a chat room. Those are chat rooms of all Mobile Phone service providers in France. And most (all) of the time, there’s a lack of girls mainly in the chat rooms. For e.g, if there’s a chat room with 25 Girls and 50 Boys, this means that around 20 boys will have to leave due to inactivity. So this is where the company intervenes by creating fake profiles of girls and giving them to their employees to chat. So the guys in France will be chatting with us Mauritians, thinking that we’re French girls. And we have to play the game, and try to keep them chatting for the longest time possible.

However hot chat is inevitable when a guy and a girl chat, and the company encourages their employees to do hot chat so that they can keep the French guys chatting longer.

When the guy their briefed me about this, I was like: “Oh Shit I’m Going to Travesty Myself (virtually) & Get Fucked (virtually) By Those Perverted French Guys” 😛

Then I was called to do the test. It consisted of pre-made chat conversations where there were blanks, and you have to fill in the blanks. The 5 first conversations were OK, but later came the hotter ones and it was real hard for me to play the game, even that I knew it was purely virtual 😛 I finished all their shitty conversations in 30 Minutes and I got some time to look at the other guys working there chatting. One guy beside me was having virtual sex with a French guy, others were having the same hot chat.

I was thinking how immoral this shit is. And you’re being paid a salary of Rs.4,000 + Bonus of 10 cents per message sent. Those outsourcing companies are exploiting Mauritians and if I can say sexually exploit them virtually. LOL And how about people asking you about your job position and you’ll say “I travesties myself virtually” LMAO.

2 days after my memorable interview, I got a positive reply from the company asking me to come to its training sessions. I was still thinking whether to accept that job, but ended refusing it due to its immorality, even though I badly need a part time job 😦

I keep on pondering how many more companies which operate those kindsof chats are there in our Cybercity? And are they legal?? Maybe in the near future we’ll see the implantation of companies in the cybertower operating live Webcam hot chat. LOL

One piece of advice for those who are working in those chat centers, move your ass out of there or you might turn gay ROFL

My Interpretation of The Perfect End of Year.

Preventing those things would definitely make a perfect end of year according to me.

However its impossible, so “Dream On” and have a Happy New Year 2008 with your families, while eating your “carry poule Chantecler” (Sa Ki Bon Sa!!!).

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