Yeah, I finally found my way back to the blog 😛  I even forgot the password, had to go through a little trial & error before the blog recognize me.

I just woke up right now, feeling really weird to post something here.  Sorry for not being able to approve your comments & reply them due to laziness.  And by the way I’m supposed to be revising right now, exams just started.

I managed to read some blogs, but I’m still too lazy to comment on them.

And yeah, I am officially an AIESECer for around 6 month.  I’m actually the Vice President for Outgoing Exchange.  I’m supposed to send students on exchange to foreign countries.  Till now I got 5.

I don’t think I’ll remain a the Vice President position for the next academic year as I have another Devilish plan in mind…I’ll let you know hen the time comes…

…By the way I’m on a diet, lose 20 kg already, I have like 4 competitions waiting for me in August…

…See ya in another post!!