Checking In – Happy New Year N’ Merry Xmas

checking in

I know its been really long since I last blogged, and with the constant harassment from Tushal “To Blog P Mort” πŸ˜› Actually I had better things to do other than blogging.

I’ve been busy with Student Union election at UTM, studies, blablabla….Anyway exams are over and I’m in holidays.

I just attended two end of year parties, and I didn’t drink even one drop of alcohol for 3 months…I’m clean for the time being LOL.Β  I’ll just be having a little drink with friends and relative during the New Year festivities.

By the way, I won my first bodybuilding competition…Next Year I hope that I’ll be good enough to compete at National Level for Mr. Mauritius Junior or even Mr. Indian Ocean Junior….Who knows?? πŸ˜›

I’ll be going out camping with friends at Blue Bay this Saturday. Organised by Mr. Nitish Peechen, who will be celebrating his birthday…Happy Fucking Birthday Bro πŸ˜‰
It’ll be a great occasion to meet all my friends from Emmanuel Anquetil SSS.Β  Its been 3 years since I last went to Mahebourg & meet those guys.

Else nothing special is being planned for the end of year…except for the traditional relatives visiting.Β  And I’ll be participating to the 5th International Sustainability Conference to be held at UTM in January.

And before my second semester starts I’ll be organising a team building session with my class, which is falling apart…ah that’s another story.

I wish to thank the following people who supported me in one way or another in 2008:

Tushuxxx Jackson – Thanks for entertaining me…LOL

Anooj Huddson – FBT!!

Vimal Booluck –Β  In reussi fer toi vine Leader Opposition XD

Nitish Peechen – Ma pute favorie

Joy Gopee – Looking forward to work with you…

Kunaal Long – Hope that we’ll survive the 1.5 years ahead. πŸ˜‰

Poojita Scooby – Ma grosse conne de maman.Β  Merci pour m’avoir aider en stats.

Chef Laval – Mone bien batte ou bis…LOL

Shakeel – Thanks for coordinating our event…well more coordination is needed πŸ˜›

Al – My great friend from Costa Rica…I Fucking love you dude…XD

Pamela – Merci pou to banne cado maman noel. πŸ˜›

Vinshi –Β  FBT, FVT, FDT!!!

Visham & Hansen – Nou in bien boire & prend nisa pendant 3 mois, mo pas pou blier sa.

Chacha Ramphul – Thanks for kicking my ass out of 21/22 pub and turning me into a bodybuilder LOL

Avinash Ramooah, Sanju & Bhavlesh – Mo pas pou blier banne nisa defoncer ki nou in metter la…

All Friends from UNITED STUDENTS.

My Family, and all other people that I forgot to put on that list…THANK YOU!!

>>>>Well the next post is for next year…<<<<

Happy Christmas & Merry End/New of Year to you all Bloggers, lurkers, and all virtual species that exist out there.

Rocking Christmas


Party For A Cause



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