Student Union Keeping Pace With Technology

The “United Students” is the only Student Union Party at the University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) that has a blog.  The blog has been unveiled yesterday, but its not 100% complete.  If I’m not mistaken its the only Student Union Party in both Universities in Mauritius that has a blog, because I didn’t see any blogs from the University of Mauritius Student Union Parties.

The blog is a platform between the party and the students of UTM.  It allows student to share their views and opinions, make suggestions to move towards a better campus.

The blog also has a section where it presents the candidates’ profiles and a small interview of them.  However, there’re only two candidates’ profiles and interviews for the moment, according to them more is to come real soon.

So as we can see, there’s atleast one Sudent Union party in the whole island of Mauritius that came up with the initiative of creating a blog.  I bet that there are many other guys who are not even aware of what is a blog LOL.


2 Responses

  1. coool, united student, really Putting UTM first, realisation, re-planning of the re-sit system, additional common room, 14 million additional for construction of new classes hm,mm, vry good job loll

  2. Thats great. Omoin UTM so SU in fer smthing original….cote UOM c nou kin bizin propose banla idea..lerla zot in met sa dan zot program.. I hope the team which has won UOM election fer pu zot oci…aster the main problem…coment tone dir “”who are not even aware of what is a blog LOL.”” 😀 Thats a bitter truth lol. Ena ki pa mem cone coment post un coment….

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