Terre De Paix – Mauritius

Terre de Paix is among one of the charitable organisations in Mauritius which is really in need of support.  Unlike some like “S.O.S Village” which does have all facilities they need or should i say above what they need LOL.

Terre de paix is located in Camp Créole, Albion.  They does get some kind of finance from the Government, but its only 30% of their yearly budget.  So they have to rely on sponsors and find out other ways to meet their budgetary needs.

Objectives of Fondation pour L’Enfance Terre de Paix as per Article 3 of its constitution

The objects of the Association shall be to:

1. Carry out child care activities in a secular and non-discriminatory way and in line with existing laws and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child;

2. Provide alternative care services, in the best interest of the child and in collaboration with biological parents and relatives whenever possible

(a) of a residential nature in ways conducive to the overall development of children, especially through the setting-up of
i. family-type structures for young children and
ii. youth homes.
iii. exit home

(b) of a non-residential nature through the setting-up of appropriate creative and cultural educational pre-school structures and appropriate creative and cultural educational, pre-vocational and vocational structures for children who are out of the mainstream system of education and training.

3. Engage in networking activities with other Non Governmental Organisations, the government and other stakeholders in the furtherance of the objects of the Association.

4. Raise and apply funds to meet the objects of the association; and

5. Provide training in child care through the development and implementation of appropriate programmes.

How can you support Terre de Paix?

Check out their Store!

An article which appeared in L’Express newspaper recently.

The Bsc Tourism & Hospitality  Batch of UTM (University of Technology, Mauritius) will be organising a “Gala Dinner” or should i say “Charity Dinner” to raise funds to finance certain specific projects for Terre de Paix.  The dinner will be held in the first week of November 2008.

I’ll be giving a full update about the dinner once everything is finalised.


People Pissing Me Off – To Whom It May Concern

Recently there have been loads of people pissing me off.  You know those kind of people you wanna give them a fucking punch in the face (kicks too), but just for the sake of not blowing shit up you just have to restrain yourself.  So here’s a list of those people who piss me off…If you feel offended by this post just FUCK OFF please.

1. There are some people who accomplish something and they just blow shit up purposely.  What pisses me off with those kind of people is that they give up quickly without considering the people they got involved.

2. “Yes sir” people really pisses me off.  They just say yes (Wawawa), remain silent or simply ignore matters and when things go wrong they are the first to blame you for it or tell you we should have done this and that.  As if there was a fucking c*** in their mouths when we asked for their opinions.

3. Some people just fucking hate you, but they still work in collaboration with you just because they need you.  And when you’re nearly over with your work, they just take over everything.

4. With the coming Student Union election there has been lots of guys coming to you, shaking hands and stuff…They are the very same guys who were ignoring you (Guette dan zar).  They really piss me off…

5. God too is pissing me off.  Why the hell is it raining heavily?? 😛