Review of “The Day That Never Comes” – Metallica

The Day That Never Comes” is the new single from Metallica’s forthcoming album “Death Magnetic“.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a high quality mp3 version of it, which i’ll not share here of course or else Lars might go “Weee Here’s A Guy To Sue” lol.

“The Day That Never Comes” – 7:56

Its the fourth track on the album.  The song starts just like “Fade To Black” with arpeggios playing and those melodic small solos.  The chorus gets heavier followed with a Bridge just like the song “One” and the song goes at a fast pace, followed ultimately by a long solo à la Kirk Hammett.

The lyrics:

Born to push you around
You better just stay down
You pull away
He hits the flash
You hit the ground
Mouths so fulls of lies
Tend to black your eyes
Just keep them closed
Keep praying
Just keep waiting

Waiting for the one
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the sunshine never comes
No the sunshine never comes

Push you cross that line
Just stay down this time
Hide in yourself
Crawl in yourself
You’ll have your time
God I’ll make them pay
Take it back one day
I’ll end this day
I’ll splatter color on this gray

Waiting for the one
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
but the sunshine never comes

Love is a four letter word
And never spoken here
Love is a four letter word
Here in this prison
I suffer this no longer
I put it into
This I swear!
This I swear!
The sun will shine
This I swear!
This I swear!
This I swear!

James Guitar wise: Really Good, soulful and harsh when it needs to be.

James on Vocals: Hmmm its subjective, but i guess he won’t get back the voice he had in the beginning.  So its the new Metallica voice.

Kirk Guitar wise: I like the guitar duets with James and good solo too.

Lars on Drums: Good, compared to St. Anger.  I can feel the power of his drums just like in their epic song “One” for which they won a Grammy.  But it still lacks some harshness.

Robert’s Bass: Good strong bass.

The Mix (Rick Rubin): Good stuff, but could have put more emphasis on the final solo, the rhythm guitar  & bass tracks are too loud and the solo sounds kinda ‘thin’.

Overall I’ll give the song a rating of 3 over 5.  Cause it sounds like Metallica trying to copy themselves. (Personal opinion)

The track can be listened here:

Making of the video: