The Flood of Irresponsibility

(Thanks to Avinash for this photo) 

14:30 26 March 2008, I was in the computer lab of UTM doing my assignment with some friends, the guy responsible just come in and tell us, they need to close. Puzzled I asked him for the reason, and he replied “Pluies Torrentielles”. Still confused we packed up quickly and went to the bus stop to make our way home. The bus stop was packed with UTM’s students. We waited like 30 minutes and still no bus in view. Some friends and I decided to walk from La Tour Koenig up to Grande Rivière. Once at Grande Rivière we were like “SHIT, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING”, the Grande Rivière North West was out of its bank and the whole landscaping was like hell. There were people everywhere trying to get on buses. We stood above the Grande Rivière bridge looking at the roaring river carrying trees and tons of stuff into the muddy sea. While looking at the bridge from the bottom view, it was like the bridge was going to break with the pressure of the water.

On my way back home, some kilometres away from Port- Louis, the Pont Colville Deverell waterfall was just astonishing. It took the width of the whole valley and the gushing water was such that everyone in the bus reactions literally was “aaw”. This was the most frightening waterfall I’ve ever seen in front of me.

3 dead, several disappeared and wounded people, employees and students without transport to get their way home. That’s the situation for not having put the ‘Heavy Rainfall Warning’. The incompetence of the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) is becoming more and more apparent.

The satellite image clearly shows cloud masses over Mauritius, meaning that we were guaranteed of getting heavy rainfall on the 26th of Wednesday. Inspite of 98mm of rain measured plus the fact that heavy rainfall was guaranteed, the MMS didn’t put the Heavy Rainfall Alert. According to them there should have been 100mm of rain in order to put this alert. We can clearly see how dumb they are.

I agree that people must take their own precautions during floods and not to go near river banks. But in this case, the MMS is directly responsible for the 14 years girl death, while she was getting her way home from school. They are also responsible for the wounded, disappeared ones, and the employees & students left without transport. The concerned Ministries too are to be blamed. The Minister of Education must have used what’s left of his brain to take the decision to close all schools. It’s not just because of 2mm of rain that we must risk the lives of the people of this country.

Mauritians are no dumbasses, we could clearly see how irresponsible the MMS & the Minister is. From their interview on the 19:30 News, we could see their “pa moi ça, li ça” reactions. I ask for the RESIGNATION of the Director of the Mauritius Meteorological Services. He once proved to the Mauritian Population that he’s not worth of controlling the MMS, as it was the case some months ago for the ‘Gula’ Tropical cyclone where they weren’t able to predict the cyclone’s intensity.

Thanks to ‘Drumkill’ for the pictures:


42 Responses

  1. Yeah the director of the MMS really proved that he’s got the competency of a chipmunk when it comes to taking decisions, and that too twice. We can’t take the risk of having more people killed just because some others don’t care. aargh!

  2. it is reli damn of wat all happened… its all out of sheer negligence thats people’s life r lost and put into danger… So called GOVT and the famous Meteo, are all to be blamed!!! All thse death could have been avoided.. So many lives were in peril n d Minister said that he made sure the kids at school were safe till they reach home…all shit!!! Xtra excuse sa!!!!

    We should not overlook this matter!!!! Not body cares bout those who have lost their lives…all that matters to thm are : PLUVIOMETRIE N MARE O VACOAS!!!MY FOOT

  3. from the news of 18hr the MMS is still defending itself wat z fuck r they doing n that asshole Ramgolam “we r nw going 2 change z meters” n ki sympathy liale fer la bas bat li do

  4. I agree the MMS was at fault but worst is the government which is trying to find various excuses. How can a Minister who is supposed to take care of the education of Mauritius says on radio that if one on 350,000 lost his life, it is ok. Then why he did not send his son instead.

  5. Quote from Tushal:

    “tou pe dire nu prnd lesson ceki in ariver zordi.b si nu continuer prnd lesson jamais nu pou vin professionel”

    Tout incidents gagner banne la tir mem dialogue, ‘bizin servi sa comme lesson’.

  6. mo dacord r zot.
    A p met tor lor B B p met tor lor aA
    mai ki sanela p souffert plis.
    c tidimoune
    minis bizin prend conte et conne prend zot decision.
    perdi ene lavie nu proche pa ene ti zafair sa…………………………….

  7. Aret mette tou lors lédo minis/directeur météo…

    Bann parents pas ti trouvé kouma la pli ti pé tomB ?, mais même ça zot ine avoy zot zenfan lékol !

    Bann autorités ine faillir, oui, parski zot incompétents, mais bann parents aussi éna zot part de responsabilités pou assumé !

    Mo coné ki ti éna zenfan ki ti bizin pran part à l’examen/test ça zour là, mais enn lavi pli important ki enn certificat !
    Si ti éna bcp absents lékol ça zour là, l’examen/test ti pou bizin renvoyé…

    éna mové temps, zot sorti même !, Ki pli important ?, travail, lékol ou ‘la santé ek la vie’ ???!!!

    Fodé attane minis/bann autorités dire zot, pou zot trouvé ! Zot pa ti trouvé ki ti éna gro lapli ?, n’importe quoi !

    Friends, see things as they should be seen !

    Les autorités ont tout le temps fait preuves d’incompétences et tous les citoyens mauricien le savent parfaitement, mais assumez aussi vos responsabilités comme il se doit !

    Mo pas fami ar minis, ni ek directeur météo, mais simplement mone cone pran mo décision par moi pou reste mo lakaz, mo pane bizin attann minis/ bann autorités dire moi séki mo bizin faire…

    Je suis de tout coeur avec les familles endeuillées et aussi avec ceux dont leurs proches ont été disparu !

    Mes amis, c’était juste mon appréciation concernant ce sujet de l’actualité et soyons un peu réalistes, sachons prendre nos responsabilités par nous même dans l’avenir !

    Ne nous fions plus à ceux qui dirigent mal, voire très mal notre île Maurice !


  8. Reply to Sébastien:

    Mett toi dan place bann parents et bann ti dimouns. Zott pena meme computer lacaz, donc zott pena access a l’information lor internet.

    C pas la faute bann parents dan seki finn arriver hier… et li unfair to say “.. parents aussi éna zot part de responsabilités pou assumé !” Tant ki bann authoritees concernee pas finn decrete 1 congee officiel… u just cant keep ya kids at home when they’ve got their first term exams! And how in the hell would u KNOW that the weather would deteriorate to such an amplitude… (surtout quand jamais pas finn arrive 1 zafer coumsa)

    And when u say “…mone cone pran mo décision par moi pou reste mo lakaz” with so much pride, intelligence and self- glorification.. does that mean YOU FUCKING STAY HOME EVERY SINGLE TIME THERE’S RAIN???!!! Personally, i think that if u stayed home yesterday, it’s because you’re a lazy fat ass who’s got no responsibility , while others send their kids to school and go to work in spite of the bad weather.

    4 words to describe you: arrogant, selfish, spoiled bastard!

    Concerning my opinion, the Government -> Prime Minister should be blamed for yesterday’s chaos!! He’s the head of this country, and he’s responsible for the mins of edu and the MMS’. And please stop this ping pong game… Navin Ramgoolam should confess and make amends personally to the deceased family.

    My deepest sympathy to the families who lost their loved ones.


  9. Hi all,

    Agree to Phils!

    I’ll add this for Sébastien : technically NO ONE has the technology to calculate the amount of water in any cloud! That being said just how the fuck do you expect anyone to know what would happen even if it’s pouring cats n dogs???

    (And for the other guy: please tell me WHO can actually predict the exact intensity of a cyclone. No… really please! Coz I think he’s probably the next “Einstein” and sure wouldn’t want to miss him!)

    You probably sit back your lazy fat ass at home everytime you have a stomach ache and sms your boss or parents to tell them that you’re havin your fuckin period for the 2nd time in 2 weeks.

    Anyway, yeh authorities fucked up. The minima rain measurement for the alert SHOULD be revised to a lower level so as to set it off earlier. We all now know that now. So ASK for it !!!

    But then a again, it hadn’t happened in the past 20 years… we learn from experience and sometimes at great cost, far too great.

    Should the twin towers have been built to resist 2 planes crashing into them? Should the all the collapsed bridges, the broken dams etc have been built to last a hundred years without ever having to be checked?

    All around the world we see major fuck ups… and instead of waistin time ONLY arguing about who’s to be charged guilty for it, learn from it and find a way to help get it done better in case it comes around again. And that means not askin for a resignation for what is already done, but requesting the proper measures be taken immediately. I dunno… a petition???? DUH!

    The time is for reflexion and solutions, not fuckin baby-talk.

    The title is the flood of irresponsability, it’s time to take action with REPONSABILITY and NOW!


  10. Also: My deepest sympathy to the families who lost their loved ones… they will be honored and remembered.

  11. Hi Guys,
    The question is mainly of trust, the public don’t trust the goverment officials, we know they are the good “colleur la fiche” and not good technocrats.

    Thats science and there is a way to predict things, we cannot say what volume of water is there in the cloud but we can say if its lot and abnormal.

    We know that the meteo guys are paid lots of money and facilities from taxpayers money don’t care about that as long they “batte lacolle, colle lafiche” skills are ok.

    If it works they are good, if it doesn’t its not their fault, thats the moto!!
    Tthen close that fucking shit because as we can’t predict when the sky can afll on our head.

  12. All bullshit
    Not only meteo & Minister is responsible. parents too r responsible. Le matin mem parents deja koner ki problem innodation gagner dans lecole, toilet debordre etc, lo bus stop deja tremper. parents ti bisin prend decision pou pa envoye zenfant lecole. eski bisin un communique de mistre pour decide la vie l’avenir ou zenfant? un jour zenfant pa alle ecole pa pou resi dan la vie? Rubbish.

    Ensuite chemin, la riviere nettoyer ziste kan ena grand bassin ou cavadee?
    2 bus lecole ine rest dans station faim et froid. faudre guetter kuma fetes culturel kuma faire gaspillage manger et acceuille dimoune.

    mo pa pe prend sa lor communaute coz mo meme mo hindu. Mais reflechi lo la.

  13. Hey Phils, to pane compran mo msg mec !

    Mo coné ki autorité ine faillir, zot incompétent, mais nous aussi nous éna nous responsabilité !

    si gouvernement pas dire, to pas trouvé toi !

    Chacun a sa part de responsabilité dans cette affaire !

    Rann moi enn service, ré lire séki mone écrire n stop talking shit dear, u r wasting ur time dear…

    Si autorité pas dire, to pas trouvé toi; voilà où je voulais en venir !

    Hein, lis aussi ce ke reshma a dit !

    I know that no one would have known that the weather would have deteriorated like that, and it’s the authority to inform us !
    b toi kk fess, to pas coné ki éna zis enn bann incompétant ki p dirige nou pays, so cone pran to décision par toi kan bizin

    What i’ve wanted to say is that these spotted autorities n ministry are fully to be blamed, but parents too have their responsibilities, u just can’t wait for authorities to give u advice !

    Hey mec, to enn fesse dans dimoune, si ti éna bcp absent dan lékol, léxamen ti pou obligé renvoyé !
    mo répan séki tone dire, léxamen prémier term pli important, b to enn couyon, bann parents ki réfléchi kouma toi kine avoy zot piti lékol ! Graine c third term exam ki faire enn piti “promoted” ! après tout enn lavi pas kpav pli important ki enn certificat, mone mentionné ça aussi !

    tout ce ke tu as dis montre ke tu n’as pas tout lu dans ce ke j’ai écris, tu t’es arrêté au milieu même !

    tu sais prkoi je suis resté à la maison, ce n’est pas parsque je suis paresse comme tu le dis, éna radio cot moi, dépi gramatin ti dir dans radio ki éna inondations partout, bann citoyens ti p intervenir lor radio pou dir ça et c akoz ça ki mone pran décisions pou reste lakaz !

    après, ki to p dir ?, pas kapav reste lakaz pou enn ti lapli, b mec, to lizié dans to fess, ti lapli ti éna ça zour là !!! u r talking shit Phils, sry !


    hey, je ne te veux surtout pas la guère ou quoique ce soit, c’est juste pr montre ta part d’irresponsabilité !


    Ne nous fions plus à ceux qui dirigent mal, voire très mal notre île Maurice !

  14. stop all this nonsense phils.

    to pa gagne droit dire zamais ine arrive sa. etc Damm you. stop fighting over all this.
    at least parents have some sense to notice the rain in early morning. use that little brain my friend.

  15. Hey Reshma, au moins je sais qu’il y a une personne ki partage le même opinion ke moi, merci

  16. donc…..tou sa demagozi la alor…

    capav ena dimune pa conner mais, majority of our kids like to go to school, no matter it rains or not,malgre parents pou dir zot zenfant res lakaz. lives have bn lost, n authorities just dnt care!!!! ouvert lizier… met zot dans place sa bne famille kinn perdi zot proche dans sa tragedie la… mo pa truv faute parents ladans!!!! Use ur damn brain indeed!!!!bizin atann 100 mm pou met warning or atann lavie dimunn perdi????

  17. Hmmm It’ll be difficult to reply all of you.

    In the morning of the 26th of march, it was just a normal rainy day, where everyone goes to work & school. Parents are not meteorologists. Me myself didn’t knew that the weather would turn out so bad. Its only when I returned home & made some research that I found out it was the fault of the MMS not to put the Heavy Rainfall alert, as they should have predicted that in the middle of the day there would have been heavy rainfall.

    Everyone don’t wake up in the morning, look at the satellite images & make their own predictions. Its the responsibility of the MMS and they are paid for this.

  18. Anyways, I will not argue with you Sebastien & Reshma.

    We’ll solve this problem by voting.


    YES = 0
    NO = 1 (Phils)

  19. yeah .. i said .. all parties are to be blamed ..
    can see clearly that the minister of education is not stupid but really stupid .. as for the meteorologists they should have alerted the minister immediately ..
    and those parents , cant u see that its has been raining so heavily the day before and the day those tragedy happened .. ..
    arhh .. and they still send their kids to school .. is llike one day missing school , is such a big deal .. ..
    arrh .. anyway it all happened now .. so in the future , those mistake shouldn’t happened anymore . !

  20. Merci pour les photos. Incroyable!

    Dan Maurice, nous habituer gagne cyclone et ine deja gagne avis la pli torrentielles. D’ailleurs ene zenfant dan le passer ti perdi so la vie kan ti ena inondations avant, piti la ti pe rentre lacaz apres l’ecole. (ena lesson pou apprane la dans?, depi ler pancore apprane meme sa lesson la)

    Meteo ena moyen pou juger si ena danger ou pas, c’est pa parents ki fine fer l’etude meteorologiques. Si meteo et ministre l’education pa juger ki ena danger, parents pa capave faire narien. Ok, ene parents capave dire so piti reste lacaz, ena tro gro lapli, apres ki li faire? li tel so patron pou dire li:

    “Boss mo pa capave vine travail zordi, mo zenfant pane al l’ecole tro gros lapli”

    Boss: “Moi mo patron, mo piti ine alle l’ecole, toi to trop extra toi?”

    Vine inper realiste, ene parents ki travail pa capave reste lacaz pou tou, ti zaffaires. Li pena sa luxe la.

    Gouvernement la pou gouverner et prevoir danger. Si zote mette sa responsabiliter gouvernement la lor ledos parents. demain si ena ene pli grand catastrophe et li affecter pli dimoune, lerla ki zote pou dire.

    “Gouvernement pa entor, zamais pane arrive sa avant” ou “ti arriver avant sa, mais tro longtemps, personne pa rapel”

    Met sa gouvernemt devant so responsabiliter! Zenfants dimounes ine mort ladans, ti capave eviter sa.

    Met zot dan place sa ban parents la, ene simple annonce dan radio et dimoune ti pou prend zot precautions. Pa ti pou ena cadavre dan lacaz….

    Li bien revoltant, ki ene gouvernement par so inaction fine laisse dimoune mort et so population passe par autant souffrans.

  21. NO=2

  22. And here goes again…

    Politic, politic and politic…

    And WHO voted for em in the first place? DUH !!!!!!!!!!

    Ain’t lived here all my life but it’s the same shit as in france for ex: 15 years and been seein the same old retro-minded asses up there n everyone just complains and moans…

    For what I know this is a democracy, we all have the power in our own hands to make a change. So next time maybe you wanna THINK and TAKE responsabilities and VOTE for the actual fuckin change and not just give the same a try AGAIN. (Am probably just talkin to myself anyway coz next time it’ll go to the other side… again…)

    I can’t beleive i’m actually talkin about politics coz i just fuckin hate it.

    “the public don’t trust the goverment officials, we know they are the good “colleur la fiche” and not good technocrats.” : so why vote for the em in the first place?

    “Parents are not meteorologists” yeh, but some meteorologists CAN be parents right? Think they’d risk it? duh…

    ” pas coné ki éna zis enn bann incompétant ki p dirige nou pays” : once again, YOU put em there!!!! Blame yourself, or start acting!

    “u just can’t wait for authorities to give u advice !” meteorologists do that. It’s what they are payed for. Not ordering you what to do. And in case you forgot, they passed the info, the ministry didn’t react straight away.

    “dépi gramatin ti dir dans radio ki éna inondations partout” : j’etends ca au moins 2-3 fois par an… te Ebene Way est innnondé presque toutes les semaines! Donc je ne vais pas faire mes courses??? DUH!!! Il pleut depuis une semaine, donc je reste chez moi et je fouts rien? Tu bosses deja que 200 jours dans l’annnee avec tes congés et les congés public… faut surtout pas rater une occaze d’en prendre un de plus n’est-ce pas??!?!?!

    “pas kapav reste lakaz pou enn ti lapli, b mec, to lizié dans to fess, ti lapli ti éna ça zour là” : la plupart ont bossé ce jour la!!!! C’etait pas un putain de cylcone!!! Et PERSONNE pouvait prévoir mais juste prévenir! ce qui n’a pas été fait!

    “to pa gagne droit dire zamais ine arrive sa.” : last time ways 20 years ago!!!! For fuck’s sake maybe he’s too young to remember! Maybe he wasn’t even born then!!! Is ONCE every 20 years enough data to precisely predict this??? DUH !!!!

    Like i said before: instead of you ALL waistin your time here complaining and moaning about politics, what should have been done, what hasn’t, who fault it is partents or authorities: why don’t you get your asses up, get out and start havin everyone sign the petition for immediate measures to be taken to help prevent this ever happenin again?

    GEEZ all this baby-talk and still NO action…

  23. NO=3

    bne fess, couma n cam in bien dir, parents pa specialiser dans zafaire meteo, ok…bne soidisant professional(my ass!!!!), sa mem zot travail, alor zot bizin cne zot devoir…n bne tet brule m zot la ki p dir parent entor!!!!

    met n pozE r sa bne zistwar la… we r suffering enuff !!!

  24. Agree to most of Kestri 🙂

    No =3

  25. Bon ben… zetes trop rapides… lol

    NO= 4

  26. NO=5


  27. Chacun est payer pour faire son job et ainsi assumer ce que cela implique…

    Disons le, notre pays est dirige par une bande d’incompetent…

    J’approuve Phils a 200%…

    NO= 5

  28. Vero… it’s No= 6 😛

    Sebastien’s frustration against me:
    1. “..b toi kk fess, to pas coné ki éna zis enn bann incompétan”

    2. “…Hey mec, to enn fesse dans dimoune”

    3. “..b to enn couyon, bann parents ki réfléchi kouma toi kine avoy zot piti lékol”

    4. “Graine c third term exam ki faire enn piti “promoted” !”

    5.”… to lizié dans to fess, ti lapli ti éna ça zour là !!! u r talking shit Phils, sry !”


    Et tu OSE DIRE “hey, je ne te veux surtout pas la guère ou quoique ce soit, c’est juste pr montre ta part d’irresponsabilité !” ???

    Enfin…. keske je peux te dire de plus?!

  29. Rep à Phils

    hey graine, c toi ki éT le premier à me dire des mots grossiers !

    regardes bien !

    hey mec, je ne sais pas où tu veux en venir mais tu perds ton temps…

  30. Bon zone fini koz tou…..gaspillage mo re koz meme zafere 😉



  31. Sebastien:

    Les seul mots grossier g dit sont “arrogant, selfish, spoiled bastard!” Mais je t’ai jamais maltraiter comme tu le fais..

    Anyways, Peace! 🙂

  32. hey, je ne sais pas ce ke la plupart d’entre vous a !

    mon point est bien clair !

    je re-dis ce ke j’ai dis !

    j’ai dis ke les autorités ont failli et ke tout les citoyens savent ke ce sont des incompétent ki dirigent notre île maurice !

    What i’ve wanted to say is that these spotted autorities n ministry are fully to be blamed but parents too have their part of responsibilities all these as EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE CONTROLLING OUR COUNTRY WRONGLY !

    g aussi dit ” si bann autorités pas dire, zot pas trouvé zot “,

    tout le monde sait k il y a bcp de pers. ki dirigent mal notre pays et kil ne fallait pas se fier à eux !

    voilà mon point, mais il y a eu un con du nom de Phils, je re-dis un con du nom de Phils ki a mal compris mon point et ki est venu cozer k k !

    voilà ceki se passe !

    tu as mal compris mon point Phils, j’espère ke tu comprends où je voulais en venir !
    et arrêtes tout ça maintenant, dak ?, tu m’as mal compris, c tout !

    je m’excuz pr les mots grossier, mais tu l’as cherché !

    Phils j’espère ke g pu éclairer ta lanterne et ke tu comprends mon point, ok mec ?

    Et ça a tjr été le cas ek n’importe kel gouvernement, il y a tjr eu des failles !

    Phils, tu vas voir ke mes idées se repètent mais c’était intentionnelle pr ke tu puisses bien me comprendre, ok mec ?

    Je sympatise ek ceux ki ont perdu leurs proches dans ces circontances pareil… !

    Ne nous fions plus à ceux qui dirigent mal, voire très mal notre île Maurice !

  33. This never gonna end .. and i’m maintaining my point of view too! C simple… LES PARENTS NE SONT PAS RESPONSABLE! D’ailleur les votes le montre tres bien…

    Ciao! Point finale..

  34. ils sont responsables car ils savent kil y a des gens ki dirigent mal notre pays !

  35. guys..u r all fighting for nothing… kip ur fucking words for urself… cuma dir zot met p faire fact finding committee la!!! zot pa p imagine la graviter of all wat happened!!! go see the people who r suffering!!! apre ou a va realiser who were wrong!!! after all were geting ok( i mean the flood) lerla bne authoriter bord lor secteur!! isnt there smthing called solidarity???

    si ici mem zot p laguerr, b pays pou vinn pli en couyonad encor!!! all we cn do is sympathise!! so unfair…feeling so outrageous!!!

  36. ki ne sait pas kil y a des gens ki dirigent mal notre pays ?
    alors ne nous fions pas à eux !

  37. Bon, Stop bitching now!

  38. On defiplus:

    Tout dimouns p mett l’emphase lor zenfan lecole.. laisse mo remind zott ki… pas zis Laura Paul (13ans) kinn decedee suite a l’innondation, mais ena osi; Jaymantee Rughoo, 59 ans Rudy Cathapermal, 25 ans et Fabrice Aza, 19 ans. (Mes sincere condoleances aux familles)

    Eski ca pas assez pou fer l’authoritee realiser ki zott finn cree la panic et zott finn MARI mal prend decision et mal gere la situation?! Sincerement, tout ca bla bla, colere et fustration ki ena dan journal, les autre websites ou meme bann debats parmi nous, pas pou capav ressucite la vie ca 2 freres et 2 soeurs la.

    Moi osi mo mari ARAZER et mo senti moi impuissant et en meme temps triste pou la famille bann defunts, mais si zott continuer crier “Demission-Gokhool!!” ca pas pou solve okaine nou problems. Bizin trouver kisana ki finn faillir dans so duty et prend corrective actions..

    Pas misinterprete me… mo pas p prend missier Gokhool so part, mais tout dims p ziss critiker… donne moi 1 lott dimoun so nom ki capav remplace li?? Si pena… beh laisse Navin Ramgoolam decider ki bizin fer. Apres tout… c li le chef de nou pays. Si li mal appoint 1 new ministre et fail dan so devoir en tant que Premier Ministre, then finn ler pou dire li retourne Angleterre.
    Si Mr Gokhool dire vrais: “«Je ne suis pas un spécialiste de la climatologie et à ce moment-là, sur la base des informations que j’avais, il ne m’avait pas paru nécessaire de fermer les écoles.»” ( Then the meteorological services SHOULD BE BLAMED!!! et non le ministre de l’education. Ca fer 2eme fois ki ca bann couyons la inn mal prend decision et moi mo dire bizin prend SANCTION!!

    Concernant “..déclaration du ministre Ghokool qui a dit qu’un seul enfant est décédé sur les 350 000 autres qui sont allés à l’école ce jour-là. ” Mo trouve ca degoutant et totally disrespectful au famille endeuillee et osi a notre population. Anyway, mo pas pou debat lor la.. acoz apparament c les medias ki finn mal rapporte les propos du ministre. Personally, le ministre de l’education et le premier ministre ont tous 2 leur part de responsabilitee dan cette affaire mais insister lor demission de Mr Gokhool pas pou resoudre okaine nou problemes.

    Humm… ena 1 ptit question mo pose mo meme. Wat if vraimeme pas ti ena lecole ca jour la et bann parents laisse zott zenfan lacaz toutsel?? Ti pou ena plis morts ou moin?? Bann zenfans pas ti pou ale dan bord la riviere pou guett delo deborder? Bann lacaz innondee et bann zenfan ti pou reste dan lacaz meme et attan parents retourner 3 4 hours apres? Enfin… nou cant imagine le scenario et laisse nou calmer impe et reprend nou lesprit ek intelligence.



    Check it out.

  40. the meteo did not use the required tool,
    to inform mr gokhool,
    hence he acted like a fool,
    when our school,
    became like a swimming pool,
    now many are saying aler gokool,
    but this time,, will beranzer say keep cool??

  41. […] Slasher who wrote about the killing floods in March […]

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