The Flood of Irresponsibility

(Thanks to Avinash for this photo) 

14:30 26 March 2008, I was in the computer lab of UTM doing my assignment with some friends, the guy responsible just come in and tell us, they need to close. Puzzled I asked him for the reason, and he replied “Pluies Torrentielles”. Still confused we packed up quickly and went to the bus stop to make our way home. The bus stop was packed with UTM’s students. We waited like 30 minutes and still no bus in view. Some friends and I decided to walk from La Tour Koenig up to Grande Rivière. Once at Grande Rivière we were like “SHIT, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING”, the Grande Rivière North West was out of its bank and the whole landscaping was like hell. There were people everywhere trying to get on buses. We stood above the Grande Rivière bridge looking at the roaring river carrying trees and tons of stuff into the muddy sea. While looking at the bridge from the bottom view, it was like the bridge was going to break with the pressure of the water.

On my way back home, some kilometres away from Port- Louis, the Pont Colville Deverell waterfall was just astonishing. It took the width of the whole valley and the gushing water was such that everyone in the bus reactions literally was “aaw”. This was the most frightening waterfall I’ve ever seen in front of me.

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