Slash’s Live Gears Costing

I always wonder how much does the gears of professional guitar players cost. But I never bothered about calculating them, so I thought it would be a good topic for my blog πŸ™‚ The heck is that different guitarists have completely different gear setups which varies greatly in costs. I end up choosing ‘Slash‘ because his gears’ setups are reputed for their complexity, unique tone & he’s my favorite guitar player.

I’ll be costing his current live gears setup for Velvet Revolver.

Here’s the schematic of Slash’s Live Gears:
Free Image Hosting at

Gibson Custom Shop Slash Les Paul Signature Guitar (x3)

$4,399.00 x 3 = $13,197.00

BC Rich Mockingbird SL Slash Signature (x2)
Free Image Hosting at

$1,700.00 x 2 = $3,400.00

B.C. Rich Bich 10-String


Guild Crossroads 6-6 electric acoustics (x2)

There’s only 3 of those Guild doubleneck guitars in the world, one has been stolen from Slash and he’s left with only 2. They are not available for sale, but judging its high quality & uniqueness I would put a price tag of $5,000 x 2 = $10,000

Gibson EDS 1275 Double-Neck Electric Guitar (x2)

$3,299 x 2 = $6,598

Gibson Les Paul Standard (x4)

$2,329.99 x 4 = $9,319.96

Gibson Custom Shop 57 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue


Nady 950-GT Wireless System

$230.00 (* I couldn’t find the exact price of the Nady 950 – Gt, this price is one of a high-end Nady Model.)

Bradshaw Switcher


BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay


MXR M-108 Ten Band Graphic EQ


Dunlop Heil Talk Box


Ampeg SVTMP Tube Mic Preamp/Direct Box


Peterson Strobe Model 590 Tuner


Dunlop SW-95 Crybaby Slash Wah Pedal



dbx 166XL Dual Compressor Limiter


Rocktron HUSH Noise Reduction Pedal


Shure SM57 Instrument/Vocal Mic (x6)

$99.00 x 6 = $594.00

JCM Slash Signature model 2555SL (x6)

Free Image Hosting at

$1499.00 x 6 = $8994.00

4Γ—12β€³ Marshall JCM Slash Cabs (x6)

$969.00 x 6 = $5814.00

All the main gears of Slash’s live sound are here. You must note that this in an approximate costing because there are other accessories like picks, pick holder, cables, guitar cases & cases for all the above equipments,…the list is too long to mention them all, but it eventually inflates the total cost to a large extent. Sometimes other guitars are added or new models of Amps added in this live setup.

So the gross total cost is $65,673

For us poor Mauritian people we must not forget to add tax, shipping costs,…………….. πŸ˜›


12 Responses

  1. That’s a lot of money indeed. But aren’t those instruments sponsored?

  2. The signature instruments are sponsored for Slash, because its his signature instrument after all. But the other instruments are not. And he’s among the rare guitar players to get free amps from Marshall. The last one that got free amps was Jimi Hendrix.

    But before he got those signature gears, he had to rent them due to the high prices πŸ˜›

  3. Yeah, I know about the prices very much! Been looking for my new electric on the net, I’ve really gone through a tough time getting music shops to ship em to Mauritius. Some guys on eBay were ready to ship, but man… you know what.. who would pay bloody 450 bucks for shipping ONLY, for a 9 kg guitar costing only around $300??!!! That’s just crazy!!! Now for a cool all-tube amp, say a Marshal or a Mesa (I’ve been cravin for one since ages, just to get the cool tube sound and harmonics!!!), heavy as a bloody whale…!!! That’s just in your dreams… And I would’nt even dare dreamin about Dime’s Randall stack with 2 huge 4×12 or Zak’s Marshall stack!!

  4. Hey, by the way… Would you mind estimating Joe Perry’s (Aerosmith’s guitarist, by the way…) gears for me. He recently told Ultimate-guitar, in an interview, that he had… hmmm…. like… hold your hearts, people…. SIX HUNDRED guitars!!!
    hehe… still alive???!!! lol

  5. Those stacks will remain a dream for me too…Maybe if I become a millionaire I might just buy them LOL
    But I know some rich guys in here who bought Marshall Heads & Cabinets. I still don’t know how they paid for it or make it travel all the way to Mauritius.

    I’m lucky enough that a guy from the U.S agreed to buy my guitar as he’ll be back to Mauritius in June. So I’m hurrying getting a part time job to finance the new guitar.

    Yeah I’ll do Joe Perry’s equipment costing too in the future, his guitars are great. But I’ll not review all 600 guitars, only his studio & live maybe lol

  6. Wawa!! ya, i’ve also seen rich mauritian college kids playin live with custom Jackson RR’s (most probably RR3’s) with Duncans and sharktooth fret inlays and FR’s… thru cute “little” Boss mfx’z, ME-50’s!!! Man, life sucks! I’m bustin my ass day and night just to get a shitty little electric and all that I can afford is a JS30KE or RR but not the custom ones, with only dot inlays!! Or some entry level ESP or below-entry-level Schecter!!! I also got only a Zoom 606 with shitty overdrive sounds that sound… well… you know what I mean!

    Well, good-ol Joe is a very modest man and uses only couple of Boss overdrive stomps and very nifty amps with 30-50 watts max for studio. Cos he just likes to mic the small, compact sounds that small amps give out… I’m also a fan of that small “boxy” compact crunchy type of overdrive sound.. kinda’ old Aero sound… say, “Mama Kin”, “Big Ten Inch Record” or ” Walk this way” kinda’ sound.. sounds cool!

    Anyway, wish u cool licks and plenty of shreds on your new guitar, in June!!! lol!! Am gonna suck a bit on eBay to get some cool deal on a cool axe in the meantime!

    Catch ya later, bro!


  7. LOL Those kids are lucky. Try to look at other brands on ebay apart from the renowned ones. There’s a “Michael Kelly” brand that makes quality instruments.

    Ya the Aerosmith sound is simple & great, most of the classic rock sound too are the same. But its totally different for metal.

    The best affordable guitar I found in here is the Godin SD, but if you play lots of metal, its not appropriate. However its a quality instrument. (Rs.19,000)

    I think if I fail to get the required money to buy a guitar from the U.S, I’ll buy the Godin SD & change the pickups, so that I can play both Metal & Classic Rock stuff.

    Check this:

  8. Well we’re lucky that music requires more talent than money. i have 2 marshalls and they do the same that a little laney does.
    of course, the sound is way better but nontheless it’s still the same

    cheap guitars also have 6 strings and can play all the notes from C to B. maybe you have to tune them everyday, but what is the big problem with that?

    if we are talking about equipment remember that slash started playing with an one string guitar.

  9. 1. I agree music requires more talent than money, but you cant’ gig if you don’t have the appropriate equipment.

    2. Yeah you’re right about you Laney amps, but I guess they won’t be able be enough for a gig.

    3. I wonder how a semi-pro or a pro guitarist will look like with a $100 guitar, that goes out of tune after 3 songs.

    4. Slash didn’t spend his career with his 1 string guitar.

    5. Its just a costing of the man’s equipment nothing more πŸ˜‰

    If I’m not mistaken, you’re from Amsterdam. Here we are in Mauritius, only two kinds of branded Amps are available (Marshall & Peavey) and some other shitty amps. I’m not talking of heads but only combos which cost like 3X their normal prices. Its the same for guitars.

    This post also show us Mauritians how backward our country is in music equipment.

  10. Hey I recently purchased a SAINT GUITAR COMPANY “BENCHMARK ” From the MESA/BOOGIE Store in hollywood. While I was in there . . . in walked SLASH !!! Pretty awsome !!! He also asked what i was playing . .picked it up and was like “Oh WOW these kick ass !!” Too bad he cant play them on stage !!! These guitars are SOLID! chek em’ out

  11. OH yeh . . some other dude bought one too . . the guy from STP . . I forgot his name . . oh well later . . .

  12. Wooah You’re lucky to have met slash πŸ˜›

    I check out the website, those guitars look badass.

    Thanks for letting me know about them πŸ˜‰

    How about the price of those guitars?

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