The other day I was surfing through the Job Offers Ads of Servihoo in search of a part-time job and I found an advert corresponding to my profile. It was that of “Chat Animator”. So I emailed them my CV, then I got a call from them to attend an interview. Actually its not a formal interview but just a briefing session and you must do a small test.

During the briefing we came to know about the real nature of the job and its reason. The company’s aim is to regulate the number of girls and boys (Homo, Bi… sexual included), in a chat room. Those are chat rooms of all Mobile Phone service providers in France. And most (all) of the time, there’s a lack of girls mainly in the chat rooms. For e.g, if there’s a chat room with 25 Girls and 50 Boys, this means that around 20 boys will have to leave due to inactivity. So this is where the company intervenes by creating fake profiles of girls and giving them to their employees to chat. So the guys in France will be chatting with us Mauritians, thinking that we’re French girls. And we have to play the game, and try to keep them chatting for the longest time possible.

However hot chat is inevitable when a guy and a girl chat, and the company encourages their employees to do hot chat so that they can keep the French guys chatting longer.

When the guy their briefed me about this, I was like: “Oh Shit I’m Going to Travesty Myself (virtually) & Get Fucked (virtually) By Those Perverted French Guys” 😛

Then I was called to do the test. It consisted of pre-made chat conversations where there were blanks, and you have to fill in the blanks. The 5 first conversations were OK, but later came the hotter ones and it was real hard for me to play the game, even that I knew it was purely virtual 😛 I finished all their shitty conversations in 30 Minutes and I got some time to look at the other guys working there chatting. One guy beside me was having virtual sex with a French guy, others were having the same hot chat.

I was thinking how immoral this shit is. And you’re being paid a salary of Rs.4,000 + Bonus of 10 cents per message sent. Those outsourcing companies are exploiting Mauritians and if I can say sexually exploit them virtually. LOL And how about people asking you about your job position and you’ll say “I travesties myself virtually” LMAO.

2 days after my memorable interview, I got a positive reply from the company asking me to come to its training sessions. I was still thinking whether to accept that job, but ended refusing it due to its immorality, even though I badly need a part time job 😦

I keep on pondering how many more companies which operate those kindsof chats are there in our Cybercity? And are they legal?? Maybe in the near future we’ll see the implantation of companies in the cybertower operating live Webcam hot chat. LOL

One piece of advice for those who are working in those chat centers, move your ass out of there or you might turn gay ROFL


13 Responses

  1. Lol! mo fiere de toi ki to pane accept sa job la! XD!

  2. lolz, now i understand why i didn’t get the part-time job some 2 years ago :p It was a similar experience, but i wasn’t made aware about the sexual part :S I was given that faked chat conversation, and i filled it like a gud and clean boy :p Obviosly they didn’t want clean boyz :p

  3. Hahaa Bez sa Roushdat, banne la ti bizin fini precisé dan zot advert ki candidat la bizin pervert LMAO

  4. Whoa 😐 So much for a cyber island!

  5. Good thing you did not sell your hetero soul to that company XD

  6. haha slash..thnx pan faire sa job la..LOL..

  7. Thanks for relating this. And congrats for not accepting this pathetic job.

  8. Thanks 😉

  9. Mo truv sa mari imoral mwa ein… Bane ***#*%&* sa zot exploit bane moricien ki in nid job…..Zot take full lavantaz lor bane jeune so zot faibless apres zot fer bane dimune pass pu fam ***#$$*@ (hot girls)?

    B….dapres mwa….c’est ene espece de crime sa? Ki to dire koonul? Couyone dimune dan full conscience a travers internet pa ene gendre de crime sa ein..?

    Bien bon sa mano…li bon tone avoye zot merde…. Sa prouV ki to conscience humaine enkor active ek c’etait ene pas assez difficile ki tone fer. Mo sure ki si ti pu ene lot dimune ki ti assez helpless sa…li ti pu kpav fini opter sa job la the soonest…..(Mais li pa entor parceki li helpless though)

    Sa montré ki to ene garçon bien mentalement fort dan to l’esprit ek mo aprecier twa buku apropos to decision.

    Bravo filston…… c’etait ene l’exemple de ene vrai zome kine faire face ar la vérité.
    Contigne kumsa meme….et très bientot to pu vine Mr.Mauritius….LOL

  10. Mone fer sa travail la pendant 3 mois!!lol
    Franc tout bane francais la bane maniaque sa!
    Zot premier message zot avoyer meme c’est: “Tu suce?”lol

  11. Hi, thanks so much for posting this. You saved my wife from wasting her time going to an interview for the same position.

    There’s a post on my blog about call center exploitation at that you might like. It’s not as funny as this, but as you can see, this problem is worldwide (we live in Buenos Aires)

    And yes, webcam chat jobs do exist, my wife has seen ads for them.

  12. yeah you’re right. I’ve heard that Argentina too is being exploited by by call center companies, together with, Kenya, Morocco and Madagascar.

    Just recently i discovered that we DO have sex chat by phone (la ligne rose). the company operates in the Cybertower at Ebene.

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