My Interpretation of The Perfect End of Year.

Preventing those things would definitely make a perfect end of year according to me.

However its impossible, so “Dream On” and have a Happy New Year 2008 with your families, while eating your “carry poule Chantecler” (Sa Ki Bon Sa!!!).

This post forms part of MBB’s Theme of the Week


4 Responses

  1. pictures are sometimes more powerful than words. 😐 to ena raison. it would definitely have been perfect si pa ti ena la famine ek povreter

  2. Our wishes and feelings rightly summed up in those pictures. I wish things could change. Probably, to see The solution to erase misery and pain from the world. Alas, still one more year has gone by without not much of a change. It’s saddening

  3. Shiiishh… The last picture really moved me. I never knew humans could be this thin due to famine. It’s almost… alien-like! :s

  4. Toutes ces choses durent depuis tellement longtemps que c’est presque une utopie que de vouloir que tout cela s’arrĂȘte. C’est triste mais bon Bonne AnnĂ©e Ă  toi et souhaitons qu’il y ait plus de gens qui se mobilisent pour que les choses changent durant cette nouvelle annĂ©e.

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