I’ve Been Tagged By Tushuxxx

Hell Yeah I’ve been tagged by Tushal 😀 For some this may be a curse, but personally I like it since I’ll use this to make some fun….héhé


Top 5 quotes/lines

– You’re In The Jungle Baby, Wake Up Its Time To Die!!

– My Lifestyle Determines My Deathstyle

– Music Is My Religion

– When The Power Of Love Will Overcome The Love For Power, The World Will Know Peace

– Kenny is really small (ene nain)!!! Nobody will ever be able to prove the contrary (ROFL)

– A Kenny is the smallest thing that exist in the universe (6eme sa) 😛

5 Things I’d Love To Do Before I Die

– Play all the guitars that exist. (Slash, Zakk Wylde, Kirk Hammett & Steve Vai signature guitars are my top priorities 😛 )

– Be the best Guitarist in the World….lolz

– Possess a Ranch

– Just lay around….Working Not Allowed

– Put Kenny, Tushal & a crocodile in a cage (ROFL, I’m yearning for that scene)

5 Things I Will Not Do Even If It Kills Me

– Travesties 😛

– Smoke

– Stop listening to music

– Stop using the internet

– Refuse another proposal of virtual sex with Tushal (trop rofl)

5 Things I want to Say and Never Will

– I suck…lol

– I’m the most pervert person on this planet 😛

– I hate to say welcome in introduction section on forums

– Tushal coumant ene abriti….ROFL

– Kenny pa nek physiquement tipti (nain), mais aussi mentalment, so cerveau fonctionne pareille coumant ene zanfan CPE…LOL

– Fuck mone fini dir tou sa ki mo pa bizin dir :S

5 Things I Do When I’m Away From The Public

– Ene ta zafer immonde…Mo pa capav dir tou….. 😛

– Ki banne nisa mo pou prend zordi…Sa kan mo fek lever le matin ki mo pense a sa lol

– Coquin manger & boire 😀

– Fer beaucoup physical exercises….Si mo pas fer sa mo pou vine mari gros.

– Dream of guitars more than girls….Mo Normal moi hein, talére zot pense lot zafer la.

5 Things I’ll Make You Wish You Didn’t Do, If You Did

WTF!! Pa p comprend ki pou ecrire :S

My dear Victims are: Jevin, Morinn, Yashvin, bbZush & Roushdat.  Mo hope zot accepter lol