Election @ UTM

Last week was the Student Union’s election at UTM. It was the first election I experienced there. I really loved the atmosphere; there were posters & banners everywhere on the campus. Two friends of mine were candidates for the election, they form part of the “United Students” party.

But I made my decision to vote the MDM* party, because they are the BEST, here’s one of their posters (I’m sure you’ll like it ) :

* Mouvement Des Mafias

The United Students party poster;


And Finally Ralliement Des Etudiants:


As far as I know those were the only parties for the election.

But on the voting day, I was surprised not to find MDM on the list. So I voted for United Students.

On Monday there was the announcement of the results…..And the Winner is UNITED STUDENTS (Score: 10 – 0)

And we celebrated this victory yesterday. At the end of the party we were all drunk (some were really fuckin drunk)

The advantage for me voting this party is that we all got a special boozing place; The Student Union’s Office itself. We only have to book the office for free if ever we need to drink lol.

But seriously, the United Student did concrete things before & even after the election.


-Mo in bizin coquin sa banne affiches la et alle scan lol…Mo hope banne dimounes concerner pa trouve sa

-Sorry Tushal mo p leech forum so banne emoticons ici


10 Responses

  1. Lol, non mais MDM ti bizin poser! 😛 hihi

  2. wai fran. Ti pu eli sa. HAHAHA

  3. yo slash..aret servi ban emotion 2puis forum.lol..krk sa..to koner tou rouler meme sa..yo bro..b kifer to pan pose candidate twa?to ti pou fini elected twa.:p

  4. Next year mo p poz candidat, mo p concretise le projet MDM 😀

  5. MDM la top sa! LOL!

  6. @Koonul si mo vine UTM nxt year mo vote toi!

  7. lol, trop cool sa MDM la!

  8. LOL ta pachass, ton bien *** zot sa

  9. yo chek to pm lor mbb forum. mne pm twa ban details + mo num pu concert la.

  10. Ban posters la 1000 fois pli top ki a uom!

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