Our Environment’s Price Tag???

This is my contribution following the Blog Action Day initiative to unite all bloggers around the world to post something about the ‘environment’, as an aim to get a maximum of people talking about a better environmental future.

The environment issues are so vast; ranging from your immediate environment to the global environment.

People around the world are becoming more and more concerned about the environment, but this is not enough. They must act to preserve their environment. You’ll find that there are many environment friendly products like hybrid cars or 100% Eco friendly cars running from electricity, Eco friendly houses, Eco friendly accessories like; halogen bulbs…

However, many people prefer not to buy those Eco friendly products because of their relative costs compared to non-Eco friendly products. We must note that our environment has no cost, no matter how much money you have, you won’t be able to make the air we breath better.

Another issue about those Eco-friendly products that have been intriguing me is that people don’t take the problem at the root. If we take the case of those cars running on electricity, the source of energy is electricity and ‘Is this electricity produced in an ecologic way??’ Most of our electricity are produced from the burning of heavy oil & coal which are major causes of pollution. Hence, we are not really solving the environmental problem, but rather shifting it. This does not mean that the Eco-friendly vehicles are not good, but we must also take the problem at the root.

On the international scene we have America, Australia,… refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol because this would be harmful to their economies (according to them). With all those Billions of Dollars America is waging in its ‘useless’ war to protect the world from terrorism, I wonder if they would be able to protect themselves from the green house effects.

There’s much more to be written on this problem, but due to lack of time and the fact that the environmental issues are so vast, I couldn’t write so much. As my friend Morina said, “What we actually need is education; educating the mass about pollution can be a better way to prevent it.” 😉


11 Responses

  1. About the eco-friendly products… They may be expensive, but on the long run, they actually are cheaper… bane lampoule economique laem ou solar heater… C juste ki bane dimun la pa p envi fer premier pas… kt moi mm la, mne force mum kumans asT la… Kuma ene bulb p bruler, c ene low energy one ki p remplacer…

    About electricity… 49% is produced by Fuel Oil and 26% by Coal. The rest is by hydro(6%), Kerosene(3%) and Kerosene (16%)… That’s according to the Ministry of Public Utilities in 2005. I have the outline energy policy for 2007-2025 which is actually not bad. Renewable energy as hydro, bagasse, solar, wind.. talks of waste energy (gamma civic is actually doing something about this) and biofuels. Really not bad.

    But when I got to talk with the officials there… i was really surprised. We are stupid people with stupid ideas if we think mauritius can actually ‘survive’ with only renewable energy. We should not be like the white people… blah blah blah. That makes you think, if the people taking all the decisions think like that, really, there’s no hope. They actually are going for more coal ’cause it’s the cheapest. All they are thinking is the development of the island and nothing else.

    As for the cars, there are actually hybrid ones running with ethanol. Here again, nobody wants to make the first step. mauritius produces ethanol for export but not for use in the country itself. According to some experiments made by UOM, our current cars could run with up to 15% of ethanol. Not that in brazil, they are actually running with 85% ethanol, which means it’s not impossible. but it’s gonna be expensive…

    And… America and Australia… well, I wonder what they’ll do if they sign the Kyoto protocol. Their economies run on heavy oil itself, and without it, they are done for. No development an be made. That’s really a laughable matter since with all these Billions of Dollars they have, they could have easily found some other way to produce this energy. And if they do abide by this protocol, They would have to change lots of things in their country. America’s transport system is hell in terms of enviroment, polluting like anything and they haven’t found anything yet to solve this problem. i do wish them good luck in this matter.

    And errr… sorry mne pren tou sa place la :$

  2. mo penC C political will ki pli bizin. politik la plupart des foi protese ban idustriel rise (capitalist) mais industriels envi maximize profits, pa save the planet malheureusement… maximum pollution fer dan ban central couran, pa kan nou servi kouran la kaz. nou kav servi moins courant, mais eski li pou resourde problem la?

    paragraph lor electricity car la extra vrai, et aprament ena plis pollution kan produce electricity et apres servi electric cars. mais ena ban hybrid cars ki converti loss of energy ex while braking into electricty et apres servi li. mais morice mo pa kwar ena…?

  3. political will, zot pna… pense zis kass… kass ki zot kav met dan zt poche!!! Toyota in fer hybrid cars mais aparamen li trop cher pu amen lor marchE morisien.:/

  4. wai c vrai. enplus c bne homme politic ki pli ena pouvoir fr kitsoz ek pa nou! dakor nu kav apporte nu contribution. mai kumen kervin ine dir, la plipart bne central ou bien lusine ki cause pollution. Domestic pollution si diminuer li pa pou assez pou cancel industrial pollution la.

    on the overall you did a great post here! thanks for mentioning me! 😀

    mo ler 1 hybrid carrrrrrr

  5. @ morinn
    mo ler 1 hybrid carrrrrrr

    Mwa mo ler n car tou court. LOL

  6. @bbZush Pena problem ki to in prend tou sa place la, to fini append mo post lol

    Moi mo lé ene Gros 4×4 ki fer ene ta tapaz et largue ene ta la fumer noir 😛

  7. hihi, koonul, 1 superb bato ha :p bizin pas laisse li couler hein :p

  8. Moi mo envi gagne mo licence par fax… na na email aster!!! System bribe oci moderniser avek letemps!

    Then mo envi ene hybrid car kouma morinn… 😆

  9. hi cool 1 k bey freaks see ya don’t wana be ya ;p

  10. hi, i just saw this entry n was quite impressed with the way you debated this question. great, keep it up…

  11. The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

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