All The Lost Souls – Review

After his successful debut album “Back To Bedlam”, James Blunt is back with his sophomore album titled “All The Lost Souls”. At first look, the album cover is the best album cover I’ve seen in the last few years. It consists of a mosaic made from small pictures of Blunt, and the last effect is the silhouette of Blunt himself.

The album was released on 17 September 2007.

Here’s the Track Listing:

  1. “1973” (Blunt, Mark Batson) – 4:40
  2. “One of the Brightest Stars” (Blunt, Steve McEwan) – 3:12
  3. “I’ll Take Everything” (Blunt, Eg White) – 3:05
  4. “Same Mistake” – 4:59
  5. “Carry You Home” (Blunt, Max Martin) – 3:57
  6. “Give Me Some Love” – 3:37
  7. “I Really Want You” – 3:30
  8. “Shine On” – 4:27
  9. “Annie” (Blunt, Jimmy Hogarth) – 3:29
  10. “I Can’t Hear the Music” – 3:45

I would not go into reviewing all the songs individually, otherwise you & I will be bored to death. Listening to one song once is enough to get bored lol. That’s why I would review the album briefly as a whole.

Most songs on the album consists mainly of piano tracks and other weird sounds, most probably synthesizers. The guitar tracks aren’t as dominant as compared to “Back To Bedlam”. There aren’t any guitar solos, even though I know that his songs doesn’t incorporates many solos, at least there were some lead guitar tracks in “Back To Bedlam”. The “Carry You Home” track rhythm guitar sound just like the track “High” in “Back To Bedlam.” Most of the songs on this album sounds like Elton John songs, with the piano as dominant instrument. Musically it isn’t catchy.

Most of the songs do not have the soul that Blunt’s other songs used to have, they seems synthetic. I’ve read somewhere that the collaborators who worked with Blunt to write the lyrics are the same guys who worked with Britney Spears & Paris Hilton. This is not a surprise that the lyrics aren’t catchy as well, compared to his previous album. The lyrics are mostly about sex, drugs & fame.

Personally I would give this album a rating of 2/5. The only songs that I love is “Give Me Some Love.” Hope he will get better materials on his next album.


6 Responses

  1. In a whole, he is still a crazy fellow, selling out his depression!? :p lolz

  2. I think you did a nice and thorough review here! You’ve said it all! 😀

    nothing to add

  3. Hmmm… I wonder if in the end, I’m gonna listen to this. Yash did make a review of this but now… I’m not really sure 😀

  4. The James Blunt Attitude. LOL

    Enfin mo pa ti n fan de li. I know only one song. LOL Mai c pop music non. Donc tou zefor al dan production et moins al dan musikaliter. 😉

  5. Sa album la mo trouve li coumant pop music, mais previous one la mo trouve li plutot pli acoustic oriented rock, ou si mo capav dir folk rock.

  6. Hello there Koonul. I think this review is a quite detailed one. Hats off 😉

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