Happy Birthday To My Rabbit

Today is my rabbit’s (Nomad 64) 1st anniversary. I still remember my father bringing it at home, I was really excited because at last I had an unlimited internet connection. I was soon disillusioned, the connection was crappy. Sometime I had to wait hours for it to connect. Even after connecting the connection was f**kin slow. I was downloading around 600Mb per month.

However after 4-5 months came a real miracle, there was a remarkable improvement in the connection. Instead of downloading at a 2-5Kb/s fluctuating speed, I’m now downloading at 12-15Kb/s . Hell yeah its nearly the same speed as the 128 Wanadoo ADSL. Currently I download around 10 Gb per month. Sometime I even beats the hell out of My.T subscribers, Tushal can tell you more about this 😆 During his stay, my rabbit fell once on the floor causing its one & unique ear a little handicap lol. I decided to renew my contract because I’m satisfied with it for the moment, when there will be better services available in the future I will definitely shift.


8 Responses

  1. premier dimun mne truver pane plaigner lor nomad :s pu moi ti mm pa durer 6 mois m kwar… mne bizin kass contrat

  2. eh bein, first time i hear someone being satisfied with nomad :S U sure they didn’t bribe u? Nomad can use this post to advertise :p Have they already contacted u or not yet?

  3. lol

    Roushday—-> For real sa man, banne camarade coumant Tushal koné, mo habituer fer speed test montrer zot…

    Mais avant kan speed ti dan bez banne la ti p prend mari nisa ar moi lol

  4. lol, mo ti penser ena to lannif ek zot ine fr 1 gato lapin! miaaaam! mo ler gato la kan mem! hihi…

  5. normal..coz kot li resT..pena personne ki ena lapin la ba..only li ena! !alors..li gagne so speed comment bsn..mais parfois li plaigner..sa li pan dire..***** la! ! ! !rofl..******beeeeep beeeeep///pa kpv zour twa! !lol..apres..top la..pa ale prnd myT..to pou bese vinshi and laurent so connection..:p! ! !api birde’ 2 lapin! ! !lol

  6. Bien rare speed down, et li pa sa dan bez coumant avant la….Coyotte lol Beep Beep Movai *****

  7. i thot twas a real lapin’s birfdaY!!…pffff!!

  8. since i started blogging, u are the first person and ONLY that i know praising nomad!

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