Shifting soon….& Busy

-As some of you may know that i’ll be shifting my blog soon, that’s the reason i’m not posting in here anymore, due to uncertainty about shifting all the contents of my blog.

I will keep you aware of any change πŸ˜‰

-I’m also busy on the newly launched Freeworld Forum. The 15 of December will be our forum’s first anniversary, and we’re trying to complete the forum completely before that date.

The forum will consist of:

1. A warez section

2. Imagehosting

3. Free emails (

4. Free blogs

5. A home page where there will be its news section & lots of stuffs

6. A chat room & Shoubox (Under construction)

7. File Hosting (Non copyright materials….But you know how to bypass it lol πŸ˜€ )

7. And lots of interesting stuffs…..

We’re still tuning the forum now…But you can register & post. The forum’s contents have grown so much in 2 days only that I’m having difficulties to locate myself lol.

Exams too will be starting soon :S So I have to start revision 😦


Election @ UTM

Last week was the Student Union’s election at UTM. It was the first election I experienced there. I really loved the atmosphere; there were posters & banners everywhere on the campus. Two friends of mine were candidates for the election, they form part of the “United Students” party.

But I made my decision to vote the MDM* party, because they are the BEST, here’s one of their posters (I’m sure you’ll like it ) :
* Mouvement Des Mafias

The United Students party poster;

And Finally Ralliement Des Etudiants:

As far as I know those were the only parties for the election.

But on the voting day, I was surprised not to find MDM on the list. So I voted for United Students.

On Monday there was the announcement of the results…..And the Winner is UNITED STUDENTS (Score: 10 – 0)

And we celebrated this victory yesterday. At the end of the party we were all drunk (some were really fuckin drunk)

The advantage for me voting this party is that we all got a special boozing place; The Student Union’s Office itself. We only have to book the office for free if ever we need to drink lol.

But seriously, the United Student did concrete things before & even after the election.


-Mo in bizin coquin sa banne affiches la et alle scan lol…Mo hope banne dimounes concerner pa trouve sa

-Sorry Tushal mo p leech forum so banne emoticons ici

Our Environment’s Price Tag???

This is my contribution following the Blog Action Day initiative to unite all bloggers around the world to post something about the ‘environment’, as an aim to get a maximum of people talking about a better environmental future.

The environment issues are so vast; ranging from your immediate environment to the global environment.

People around the world are becoming more and more concerned about the environment, but this is not enough. They must act to preserve their environment. You’ll find that there are many environment friendly products like hybrid cars or 100% Eco friendly cars running from electricity, Eco friendly houses, Eco friendly accessories like; halogen bulbs…

However, many people prefer not to buy those Eco friendly products because of their relative costs compared to non-Eco friendly products. We must note that our environment has no cost, no matter how much money you have, you won’t be able to make the air we breath better.

Another issue about those Eco-friendly products that have been intriguing me is that people don’t take the problem at the root. If we take the case of those cars running on electricity, the source of energy is electricity and ‘Is this electricity produced in an ecologic way??’ Most of our electricity are produced from the burning of heavy oil & coal which are major causes of pollution. Hence, we are not really solving the environmental problem, but rather shifting it. This does not mean that the Eco-friendly vehicles are not good, but we must also take the problem at the root.

On the international scene we have America, Australia,… refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol because this would be harmful to their economies (according to them). With all those Billions of Dollars America is waging in its ‘useless’ war to protect the world from terrorism, I wonder if they would be able to protect themselves from the green house effects.

There’s much more to be written on this problem, but due to lack of time and the fact that the environmental issues are so vast, I couldn’t write so much. As my friend Morina said, “What we actually need is education; educating the mass about pollution can be a better way to prevent it.” πŸ˜‰

All The Lost Souls – Review

After his successful debut album “Back To Bedlam”, James Blunt is back with his sophomore album titled “All The Lost Souls”. At first look, the album cover is the best album cover I’ve seen in the last few years. It consists of a mosaic made from small pictures of Blunt, and the last effect is the silhouette of Blunt himself.

The album was released on 17 September 2007.

Here’s the Track Listing:

  1. “1973” (Blunt, Mark Batson) – 4:40
  2. “One of the Brightest Stars” (Blunt, Steve McEwan) – 3:12
  3. “I’ll Take Everything” (Blunt, Eg White) – 3:05
  4. “Same Mistake” – 4:59
  5. “Carry You Home” (Blunt, Max Martin) – 3:57
  6. “Give Me Some Love” – 3:37
  7. “I Really Want You” – 3:30
  8. “Shine On” – 4:27
  9. “Annie” (Blunt, Jimmy Hogarth) – 3:29
  10. “I Can’t Hear the Music” – 3:45

I would not go into reviewing all the songs individually, otherwise you & I will be bored to death. Listening to one song once is enough to get bored lol. That’s why I would review the album briefly as a whole.

Most songs on the album consists mainly of piano tracks and other weird sounds, most probably synthesizers. The guitar tracks aren’t as dominant as compared to “Back To Bedlam”. There aren’t any guitar solos, even though I know that his songs doesn’t incorporates many solos, at least there were some lead guitar tracks in “Back To Bedlam”. The “Carry You Home” track rhythm guitar sound just like the track “High” in “Back To Bedlam.” Most of the songs on this album sounds like Elton John songs, with the piano as dominant instrument. Musically it isn’t catchy.

Most of the songs do not have the soul that Blunt’s other songs used to have, they seems synthetic. I’ve read somewhere that the collaborators who worked with Blunt to write the lyrics are the same guys who worked with Britney Spears & Paris Hilton. This is not a surprise that the lyrics aren’t catchy as well, compared to his previous album. The lyrics are mostly about sex, drugs & fame.

Personally I would give this album a rating of 2/5. The only songs that I love is “Give Me Some Love.” Hope he will get better materials on his next album.

Happy Birthday To My Rabbit

Today is my rabbit’s (Nomad 64) 1st anniversary. I still remember my father bringing it at home, I was really excited because at last I had an unlimited internet connection. I was soon disillusioned, the connection was crappy. Sometime I had to wait hours for it to connect. Even after connecting the connection was f**kin slow. I was downloading around 600Mb per month.

However after 4-5 months came a real miracle, there was a remarkable improvement in the connection. Instead of downloading at a 2-5Kb/s fluctuating speed, I’m now downloading at 12-15Kb/s . Hell yeah its nearly the same speed as the 128 Wanadoo ADSL. Currently I download around 10 Gb per month. Sometime I even beats the hell out of My.T subscribers, Tushal can tell you more about this πŸ˜† During his stay, my rabbit fell once on the floor causing its one & unique ear a little handicap lol. I decided to renew my contract because I’m satisfied with it for the moment, when there will be better services available in the future I will definitely shift.