Rock Music & The Typical Mauritian Culture

Rock Bands: Oooo Yeeaah!!!, Fuck Ya Mauritius (lolz), Wake Up Time To Die/Fuck,……Fans: You Fuckin Rock Dude, Hell Yeah….

These are typical jargons in a Rock concert.  In the History of Rock Music* did any Rock band came to Mauritius??? (Pa p coz Himesh la)

As far as I know the answer is NO!!!

So I end up doing some research on the concept of world tour for a Rock band and find out why the Paradise Island is excluded from their list.

The first thing I found was that the Record Companies normally decide where a band should go on tour together with the band’s suggestions.

So why the hell are we not on the list??

First of all the record companies look at the band’s chart positions in different countries, countries where the band’s songs are on the top of the chart and remain there for many weeks are normally favored.  So now let’s return to Mauritius, what are the artists on the chart??  What I found was Rihana, Timbaland, Akon, etc…the majority are pop artists, what about the real Rock music, not even a song. A quick word about pop music; “Pop Music sounds like a drum machine with either a girl singing or some guy.”  So no Rock Music in the Mauritian chart = No Concerts.  This is only one of the reasons.

The second aspect is radio coverage of the band new album or singles….I rarely hear rock music on the Mauritian Radios or should I say once/twice a year??  One more reason why bands don’t come here.

The Third one is the most important one and weights more than the others; it’s the Sales of a band albums.  So this is where our Mauritian culture  come into play.  As we know buying pirate CD’s & DVD’s is part of our great culture, me too I used to buy local artists pirated cd’s.  But when I understood the sacrifice that the local artists have to make I start buying original cd’s. 😀

So the Sales volume give the record company a clear idea of the fan base in a particular country and based on this, they are able to tell if it is profitable going on tour in a particular country.  Back to Mauritius, if we make a small survey, about 90% of Mauritian Rock Music fans buy pirated copies of Rock Music albums (Survey based on a sample of my friends).  So how the hell are they gonna know we exist, if you buy an original album it is official and recorded, whereas a pirated one is not recorded as a sale.

There are also other minor reasons why Mauritius is excluded, lack of facilities, like a real music shop, good equipment….

So this answers the question why Mauritius never had a rock concert in its history.  Nowadays many bands goes to India, for e.g. Iron Maiden, Rogers Waters (ex-Pink Floyd), Aerosmith,…

So my head bangers & metal heads friends ” ALLE ACHETER ORIGINAL BANNE GGT”

Bon mo ena ene ta pou cozé lor la, mais la mo p gagne extra faim alors laisse mo alle nana.

* Rock Music—> The real rock music notLinkin Park, Slipknot…Nu Metal Shit.


13 Responses

  1. well, some bands do tour but they are relatively less popular than the very famous rock bands. A band named conquest for death will be touring in mauritius and performing by the end of this month. 😉

  2. Ohh c’est vrai, mais mo pa sure si mo pou aller…Acoz mone ecoute so banne chanter lor so Myspace et sa Style Metal ki li fer la mo pa content……Mais ena ene posibilité mo aller 😀

  3. Hmmm nice findings. You mentioned a point there, equipment. To me thats one huge reason why they are not coming to Mauritius. Guitars need quality amps. Now i am not talking about those cheap combos at music shops around here, im talking about heads and cabs (stacks/half stacks). These are expensive and they are not sold in Mauritius.

    Another reason is that there are no real concert organizers. Its not the band that sits down and organizes these things. It’s usually given to companies like Live Nation. And these companies would prefer to go to another country where at least they could break even.

    I guess the best thing to happen in Mauritius is to have a famous rock band coming for vacations kinda. That would be cool.

  4. waaa…to fine xprime tou saki mo envie dire lor rock/metal dans moris…hopefully nu ena nu bane bands ki organise bane concerts souvent… Bane radio priV la p mari faner…appelle zot priV pu narien…pena aukene variété dans zot bane la musique et toute long la journée meme KK…rihanna,akon,bob sinclar,nouvelle star,si pas ki bane couyon encore… Pareil cuma bane radio reserve bane tranche pu sega ou indian music,kifR pna pu rock??
    Et aussi,mo 1 fan trance et house/electro music (PAS BANE BOB SINCLAR EIN!!!)….sa la musique la aussi li marginaliser et bane animateur lor radio la declare grand petaud quand zot dire si pas bob sinclar ou david guetta zot meilleur dj dans LE MONDE… Faire gagne mari rier matelot!!! Dire sa bane couyon la alle check classement officiel et zot pu truV kot sa bane sois-disant top dj la eter…. Pfff,bisin essaye faire kitchose….sinon,mo poste radio pu reste scotcher kot rfi…lol…
    PS: Mo prefere ecut rfi ki bane radio priV la ein…et ena 1 la-dans ki numero 1 sois-disant,prend dimun pu couyon….mette program enregistrer… WA SA MEME KI APPEL MORIS SA!!!

  5. if you want to hear some awesome rock music go to

  6. Sure dude… 😉 Waiting for your videos 😀

  7. isn’t it awesome

  8. if you want to watch some music videos go to

  9. lol ^_^ another thing is that rock / metal is perceived as being “bad” music by the majority of mauritians (partly the fault of mass media IMHO…) personal test i did the other day at super u: simply walking around with my phone on loudspeaker mode, and some relatively heavy riffs, hell, you wouldn’t believe the eyes of
    the people around me 😆 😛

    i think that concept of metal=bad has been ingrained in the mentality of some people by the bashing of mass media. just add a provocative guy like manson and everyone starts thinking of metalheads as satanists, thus greatly hindering the development of that kind of music (music shops won’t import albums if they suspect those aren’t going to be sold…)

    anyway, just my 2 cents 😛 (or was it more? ^_^)

  10. hey well there is a rock festival which will be starting on the 31st of may and will be repeated every year called the backyard festival

  11. zanzibar has started to play rock!!! amazing fuck the techno

  12. Yea, sa zour kot ban bands kouma Good Charlotte(my favourite band), Sum41, BOMV, The All-american rejects, Relient K, Hawk nelson, Fall Out Boy, Mest, Goldfinger, Blink 182, Air Five, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada, Funeral For a Friend, Hawthorne Heights, The Used, etc…….., sa zour(lépok) la, pou MARI TOP…

    Ze Fancy Fair at St Joseph College was AWESOME, mainly the ROCK concert………..KOOL

  13. Too bad i couldn’t make it for the backyard fest due to the exams and work.

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