Meeting Slash

As everyday when I wake up, I turn on my PC first, check the usual Rock Music news, check the Freeworld forum & Check my Guitar Hero’s Forum (Slash).

As usual there are the latest news about him, but one post really caught my attention. It was one of a young boy meeting Slash for the first time, and after reading this I got a shot of inspiration. Here it goes:

I went to the Santa Barbara Bowl to see Velvet Revolver…and I got say, I have experienced a great joy!

My mom was able to get us back stage to the meet and greet section, and there I was waiting for Slash….eventually, they came. Everyone except for Scott..

Slash walked in, and I held my hand out to him, he actually stopped turned around and smiled and shook my hand. My best friend’s dad was with us, and he is a very serious musician….. Now, I have been playing guitar for 10 months, but I practice about 8 hours a day on school days, and about the same or more during the weekend. And sometimes I would stay up all night playing, and one time I got caught playing at 4 in the morning in my dad’s office downstairs, and then I got grounded. Well, David (my friend’s dad) told Slash this when he went to get picture with, and both Slash and Duff looked at me, and Slash gave me a thumbs up. I was in the back of the line, and I kept noticing that Slash kept looking at me, I didn’t want to look back cuz I was so nervous. But then I did, and he just smiled. It was finally my turn to get my picture taken. So I went up and introduced my self to matt, and duff….and then when I got to Slash, he asked me if he could see the tips of my fingers on my left hand. He actually took my hand and felt the callouses on my fingers, and he said thats pretty killer, and I should keep practicing and get a band going. I thanked him for his advice, shook his hand and took a picture with the band.

During the show, they were playing its so easy, and he saw me in the pit, since I was right in front of him, and he looked at me and smiled. And at the end of the show, he threw a bunch of picks in the crowd. And I ended up getting one.

All in all it was incredible, and I will post my picture with the band as soon as they email it to me.

I guess that I will never get this chance 😦 😦

Many artists don’t come here…. 😦 😦 I will talk about this later.


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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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