The Assigment Floods

Every week its the same stuff….Assignments. Once I’ve finished with one assignment, another one crops up every week and they are fuckin bulky. I don’t have control on anything, the end work is just like a mash-up. We are not even given an indications about how to do it.

Am I Stressed??? Fuck, Fuck, Fuuuccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


3 Responses

  1. alors perdi to la queue sure..u will be able to cope with studies..wish ya all z best..apres..aret ale dormi so kone mwa..always pe prnd nissa..
    P:s joe dalton pena

  2. lol Mais mo p perdi mo cheveux 😦

    Mo encore lor rodage la samem mo alle dodo early, sinon kan ena ti exams mo dodo tard ou leve extra early.

    MERCI pou to encouragement 😉

    To koné mo pena control lor prend nisa, banne la pou gagne moi margoz aprés…samem mo pa trop prend nisa ar banne la.

  3. ton bien dire..comment dire mwa twa and lolocse pe prnd nissa par quota r banla.! ! ! !lol..

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