My Guitar, Me and The Uni

Since I started to go to the University, I hardly have time to play the guitar.  On the other hand, during holidays I was playing 8 – 10 hours a day.  Now I can only pay for 30 minutes and I hardly play for 1 hour 😦

When I’m back home from Uni, I’m so tired that I can hardly pick the Guitar and play.  The rest of the days when there are no lectures, I must do fuckin research works and assignments.

I feel that I’m not learning anything new, its the same old tunes played over & over again, same rhythm, same solos,…

The worst is that my electric guitar died long ago and I haven’t played the electric one since a really longtime.  So I’m left with my acoustic guitar, and I’m restricted to only few cool acoustic tunes.  (Can you suggest cool acoustic songs?? plz)

Recently I decided to learn the Music Theory and its hard as hell, and with this restricted time frame I can’t learn 😦

I think that the solution would be to bring my guitar with me to the Uni and learn there as I have quite long lunch breaks (1- 2 hours) and I can skip the  “computer fundamentals” lecture lol

But carrying the guitar in the bus is a real pain in the ass.


4 Responses

  1. yeah carrying a guitar in the bus,i know… hummph, *bang bang* lol!

    acoustic songs… i love “forget about jesus” by Swell n “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls. I love “through the glass” by stone sour too. ah the list can go on :S

    what are your favourite acoustic songs?

  2. I know “Iris”, I’ll try to find the others 😉

    My Favorite Acoustic songs are:

    1. Patience – GnR
    2. Used To Love Her – GnR
    3. Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
    4. Lots of Eagles Tunes like Tequila Sunrise,…
    5. Nearly all songs in the Scorpions Acoustica DVD

  3. Seye zouer metal lor to guitar.. Touletem mo fer sa. LOL Ban trik megadeth sonne mari bien en acoustic.

  4. Wai mo habituer fer sa, mo zouer banne Metallica & Megadeth……Mais a la longue mo fini plein…..Anyway la mo p ramasse cash pou electric guitar & amp.

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