I Wanna Play The Harmonica

Recently I bought Aerosmith’s Live DVD (You Gotta Move), and in there Steven Tyler played the Harmonica and I found it really cool. And Last Friday when I was on my way back home, there was a beggar playing the harmonica on the street, I was impressed by his skills. He inspired me to play it, so this week I’ll be wandering in music shops and buy one (If its not that expensive) πŸ˜›

It will be a good complement with the guitar πŸ˜€ (If I had 4 arms maybe I would have been able to play both lol)


5 Responses

  1. I’d love to see Steven Tyler play the Harmonica. The only famous guy I’ve seen play harmonica live is Bruce Willis, yeah the actor :D. He’s got a band. Their performance was awesome! Harmonica is cool. It’s good you wanna get into it plus it’s quite original you must agree! πŸ˜€

  2. I didn’t knew that Bruce Willis have a band :s

    I’ll surely check it out….He is one my favorite actors πŸ˜€

    On the other hand I know that Kiefer Sutherland (24 heures chrono) is a good guitar player & collector, he even have his own line of guitars made by Gibson

    And yeah the harmonica is quite original, fusion with rock music creates an original sound.

  3. slash..rofl..a la fin resi update sa blog la.lol..nice bro..aprt sa..ki 2 bon?hmmm..eh pa ale play harmonica..to pou faire dimoune per..rofl

  4. Wai pa gagne letemp ecrire dan la semaine…Toi chaques minutes to capav ecrire lor MY.T, to pa manque role…rofl

    Commencement dimoune pou gagne peur mem lol

    Sinon mo pa en place la mari STRESSSS

  5. wai wai..mais now pou gagne role..studies re prnd..bez sa..

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