Bcom Final Presentation

Today was the final presentation for my Business Communication Module.  I can still clearly remember that everyone’s preliminary presentations weeks ago was a total disaster.  For the final presentation all groups did their best to keep this final presentation to an acceptable level, and we made it. 🙂

For this final presentation which is a formal one, we had to put our Jeans, T-shirts, Leather coats aside,… and instead put our Trousers, Long-Sleeved Shirts, Black Shoes (Soulier marriage), Ties…in short well groomed (Which I’m not used to).  We were forced to do this by our Bcom lecturer Miss Naidoo, or we had to say bye bye to 25% of our marks 😦

I was very tensed as I was going to introduce & conclude our presentation, meaning I’ll be the first speaker, and I had to improvise the Introduction & Conclusion.  Best of all, I made up the Power Point Slides without coordinating my work with two of my teammates but hopefully I was able to coordinate the other Slides with my two other teammates.

As usual on a special occasion I always arrive late, and this time hopefully I arrived there 5 minutes late.  When it was our group’s turn to present, we were very exited & tensed.  So we did it even though there were some mistakes here and there (the unprepared work with  my two team members).   But according to our lecturer, we did it well 🙂  🙂

But I learn something very important today; preparation & practice is at the heart of a successful presentation.


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  1. glad it went fine!

    cheers ~

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