I’m Back In the Saddle Again

(Me in the old days, training at the seaside)

Its been more than 2 years since a stopped the practicing of Martial Arts. There was a time when I was totally addicted to this Art just like now with the Guitar lol. I can still clearly remember my first day of training, it was so fuckin hard. The next day when I woke up my arms & legs were all blue, my whole body was aching and I looked like a ‘momie’ with all those bandages lol. However after 4 years of training I became quite good at the Martial Arts.

I had to stop because of my HSC exams, and at that particular time there was supposed to be my Karate exams too and after that I lose interest in this art, because I had to wait 2 more years to get another guy to asses me for the exams. Recently I decided to start training again, because I’m having some extra pounds lol, and the main reason is that I feel I need this training, because it makes sure I’m fit, and it gives me self confidence.

Here I am back in the saddle, I’ll be starting training soon, actually I already started training at home. But I’ll have to find a dojo 😀 .



Blog to be Updated Soon

Don’t forget to light up your red candles

Rock Music & The Typical Mauritian Culture

Rock Bands: Oooo Yeeaah!!!, Fuck Ya Mauritius (lolz), Wake Up Time To Die/Fuck,……Fans: You Fuckin Rock Dude, Hell Yeah….

These are typical jargons in a Rock concert.  In the History of Rock Music* did any Rock band came to Mauritius??? (Pa p coz Himesh la)

As far as I know the answer is NO!!!

So I end up doing some research on the concept of world tour for a Rock band and find out why the Paradise Island is excluded from their list.

The first thing I found was that the Record Companies normally decide where a band should go on tour together with the band’s suggestions.

So why the hell are we not on the list??

First of all the record companies look at the band’s chart positions in different countries, countries where the band’s songs are on the top of the chart and remain there for many weeks are normally favored.  So now let’s return to Mauritius, what are the artists on the chart??  What I found was Rihana, Timbaland, Akon, etc…the majority are pop artists, what about the real Rock music, not even a song. A quick word about pop music; “Pop Music sounds like a drum machine with either a girl singing or some guy.”  So no Rock Music in the Mauritian chart = No Concerts.  This is only one of the reasons.

The second aspect is radio coverage of the band new album or singles….I rarely hear rock music on the Mauritian Radios or should I say once/twice a year??  One more reason why bands don’t come here.

The Third one is the most important one and weights more than the others; it’s the Sales of a band albums.  So this is where our Mauritian culture  come into play.  As we know buying pirate CD’s & DVD’s is part of our great culture, me too I used to buy local artists pirated cd’s.  But when I understood the sacrifice that the local artists have to make I start buying original cd’s. 😀

So the Sales volume give the record company a clear idea of the fan base in a particular country and based on this, they are able to tell if it is profitable going on tour in a particular country.  Back to Mauritius, if we make a small survey, about 90% of Mauritian Rock Music fans buy pirated copies of Rock Music albums (Survey based on a sample of my friends).  So how the hell are they gonna know we exist, if you buy an original album it is official and recorded, whereas a pirated one is not recorded as a sale.

There are also other minor reasons why Mauritius is excluded, lack of facilities, like a real music shop, good equipment….

So this answers the question why Mauritius never had a rock concert in its history.  Nowadays many bands goes to India, for e.g. Iron Maiden, Rogers Waters (ex-Pink Floyd), Aerosmith,…

So my head bangers & metal heads friends ” ALLE ACHETER ORIGINAL BANNE GGT”

Bon mo ena ene ta pou cozé lor la, mais la mo p gagne extra faim alors laisse mo alle nana.

* Rock Music—> The real rock music notLinkin Park, Slipknot…Nu Metal Shit.

Meeting Slash

As everyday when I wake up, I turn on my PC first, check the usual Rock Music news, check the Freeworld forum & Check my Guitar Hero’s Forum (Slash).

As usual there are the latest news about him, but one post really caught my attention. It was one of a young boy meeting Slash for the first time, and after reading this I got a shot of inspiration. Here it goes:

I went to the Santa Barbara Bowl to see Velvet Revolver…and I got say, I have experienced a great joy!

My mom was able to get us back stage to the meet and greet section, and there I was waiting for Slash….eventually, they came. Everyone except for Scott..

Slash walked in, and I held my hand out to him, he actually stopped turned around and smiled and shook my hand. My best friend’s dad was with us, and he is a very serious musician….. Now, I have been playing guitar for 10 months, but I practice about 8 hours a day on school days, and about the same or more during the weekend. And sometimes I would stay up all night playing, and one time I got caught playing at 4 in the morning in my dad’s office downstairs, and then I got grounded. Well, David (my friend’s dad) told Slash this when he went to get picture with, and both Slash and Duff looked at me, and Slash gave me a thumbs up. I was in the back of the line, and I kept noticing that Slash kept looking at me, I didn’t want to look back cuz I was so nervous. But then I did, and he just smiled. It was finally my turn to get my picture taken. So I went up and introduced my self to matt, and duff….and then when I got to Slash, he asked me if he could see the tips of my fingers on my left hand. He actually took my hand and felt the callouses on my fingers, and he said thats pretty killer, and I should keep practicing and get a band going. I thanked him for his advice, shook his hand and took a picture with the band.

During the show, they were playing its so easy, and he saw me in the pit, since I was right in front of him, and he looked at me and smiled. And at the end of the show, he threw a bunch of picks in the crowd. And I ended up getting one.

All in all it was incredible, and I will post my picture with the band as soon as they email it to me.

I guess that I will never get this chance 😦 😦

Many artists don’t come here…. 😦 😦 I will talk about this later.

I Wanna Play The Harmonica

Recently I bought Aerosmith’s Live DVD (You Gotta Move), and in there Steven Tyler played the Harmonica and I found it really cool. And Last Friday when I was on my way back home, there was a beggar playing the harmonica on the street, I was impressed by his skills. He inspired me to play it, so this week I’ll be wandering in music shops and buy one (If its not that expensive) 😛

It will be a good complement with the guitar 😀 (If I had 4 arms maybe I would have been able to play both lol)

My Guitar, Me and The Uni

Since I started to go to the University, I hardly have time to play the guitar.  On the other hand, during holidays I was playing 8 – 10 hours a day.  Now I can only pay for 30 minutes and I hardly play for 1 hour 😦

When I’m back home from Uni, I’m so tired that I can hardly pick the Guitar and play.  The rest of the days when there are no lectures, I must do fuckin research works and assignments.

I feel that I’m not learning anything new, its the same old tunes played over & over again, same rhythm, same solos,…

The worst is that my electric guitar died long ago and I haven’t played the electric one since a really longtime.  So I’m left with my acoustic guitar, and I’m restricted to only few cool acoustic tunes.  (Can you suggest cool acoustic songs?? plz)

Recently I decided to learn the Music Theory and its hard as hell, and with this restricted time frame I can’t learn 😦

I think that the solution would be to bring my guitar with me to the Uni and learn there as I have quite long lunch breaks (1- 2 hours) and I can skip the  “computer fundamentals” lecture lol

But carrying the guitar in the bus is a real pain in the ass.

The Assigment Floods

Every week its the same stuff….Assignments. Once I’ve finished with one assignment, another one crops up every week and they are fuckin bulky. I don’t have control on anything, the end work is just like a mash-up. We are not even given an indications about how to do it.

Am I Stressed??? Fuck, Fuck, Fuuuccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk