My First Two Days @ Uni

-First Day at the university really s**ks. First of all I got there 30 minutes late, it took me 15 minutes to look for my lecture class. (Thanks to an a55hole who gave me the wrong class code) When I entered the class there was no free tables & chairs and the lecturer had already started her lecture, so obviously i had to go to the nearby class to take the chair & table and carry it to my class.

When I finally settled down, the lecturer was explaining about the module and we even got a group work & researches to do.

Then arrived the break time finally, where we had nothing to do but just stand for an hour.

Then came our second module, I just remember the lecturer was talking about Tourists and I fell asleep, best of all i didn’t got the handouts as she ran out of handouts.

At the end of the day I was really f**kin tired.

-Second day at the university was better compared to the first day. I managed to get there early, and there was that lecturer who was teaching me what is a computer, a floppy disc,…and at the end i had to teach him how to login in the UTM’s intranet lol.

Then came the financial accounting module, where there was that gorgeous lady. I had to learn things that kids at form 3 & 4 level learn lol.

Hopefully she allowed us to go home 1 hour before. I went to “Kawai” music shop, there I tried 5 guitars (Their price range were Rs.20,000 to Rs. 50,000). It spent one hour trying them out & didn’t bought even one. Then I went to my Home Sweet Home.


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