Infotech 2007

This year Infotech was special because I met the friends which I knew over the internet. Even all of my Online friends were not there, it was a really great day. 😀

As usual I went to the “rendez-vous” (R.Hill) place late, because I was not able to stop myself from listening to songs lol.

I went there from Rose-Hill with Vinshi and another guy who’s name escapes me. We took a brief look at the different stands while waiting for the other friends to come (The most awaited Joe Dalton alias Kenny*) lol.

When finally Tushal & Kenny the Dwarf came, it was the introduction who is who, and as usual ‘nou prend nisa ar’ kenny. Then we started to visit all the different stands and we got to meet Gilbert also, and all the My.t subscribers were eager to go and complain (avek so zouré tou) about their crappy connection, but at the end only the complain came (Bannes zouré pane sorti). I tried my luck at the Emtel Stand where I applied for a Part-Time job.

Then we went to try the internet connection for nearly one hour lol, ‘nou ti p servi internet coumandir zako in gagne bannanes’ lol.

When lunch time arrived, we headed to the cafeteria, where we were surprised to find out that not only one meal we were looking for was available. The cafeteria SUCKS.

And best of all Kenny was lost loool, hopefully Gilbert found him . That’s why we told him at the start to turn ON his GPS system.

At the end we had to leave and part away. But next time ‘nou pou mette plis nisa encore’ 😀

*A “Kenny” is a very very small human creature measuring no more than 3 feet long (Ene nain si zot pa comprend anglais) lol


My First Two Days @ Uni

-First Day at the university really s**ks. First of all I got there 30 minutes late, it took me 15 minutes to look for my lecture class. (Thanks to an a55hole who gave me the wrong class code) When I entered the class there was no free tables & chairs and the lecturer had already started her lecture, so obviously i had to go to the nearby class to take the chair & table and carry it to my class.

When I finally settled down, the lecturer was explaining about the module and we even got a group work & researches to do.

Then arrived the break time finally, where we had nothing to do but just stand for an hour.

Then came our second module, I just remember the lecturer was talking about Tourists and I fell asleep, best of all i didn’t got the handouts as she ran out of handouts.

At the end of the day I was really f**kin tired.

-Second day at the university was better compared to the first day. I managed to get there early, and there was that lecturer who was teaching me what is a computer, a floppy disc,…and at the end i had to teach him how to login in the UTM’s intranet lol.

Then came the financial accounting module, where there was that gorgeous lady. I had to learn things that kids at form 3 & 4 level learn lol.

Hopefully she allowed us to go home 1 hour before. I went to “Kawai” music shop, there I tried 5 guitars (Their price range were Rs.20,000 to Rs. 50,000). It spent one hour trying them out & didn’t bought even one. Then I went to my Home Sweet Home.

Welcome To UTM

UTMWell Today is my first day at the university. I will be doing BSc (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management. Well when I got in the conference room the induction session already started, I listened to some useful blabla….

Then came the turn of 2 ladies from the SOPSPAM (School of Public Sector Policy and Management). They really scared the crap out of me when i got the hot news that I will have to cut my hair when I will be doing work placement & also following part of the course at ” l’école Hoteliére”. And not to mention that everyone was looking at me with their big eyes.  Then we had a look at the campus with a really cool guy (actually a lecturer), his name just escapes me.  He explained us the facilities available and other tips, stuffs…. Not to mention the girls (trop canon) lol.

The lectures will start on Monday I’ll write more about that 😉